Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tess + Chapel :: Albany, GA children's photography::

Hey everyone! Molly here!
A couple of weeks ago, I went home (Albany) to visit my parents, meet with some very cool local photographers, and to shoot my cousin's kiddos. I had three kids shoots in three days and ALMOST got used to it. Children's photography is always a challenge for me, but these cuties made it easy! Chapel was the ring bearer in my wedding, and he's an insanely awesome kid.
Tess is irresistible with her chubby cheeks and blonde curls. She's going to be a hilarious kid!
Also, special thanks to Mrs. Sue for letting us use her gorgeously green backyard.

Now then, on to the photos...

We sat Miss Tess down for a tea party. It was so humid at 10am that my lens fogged up for about five minutes! I kind of liked the dreamy effect that it gave to the below image, but that is why Tess is blurry. Thanks Southwest Georgia humidity!

Also, the bear was given to my cousin by her (other) grandmother, for whom little Tess was named after.
She was a very cool lady who kept me entertained at family functions when I was little.
It was nice to have a piece of her at the tea party.

Chapel is at that age where he is missing his two front teeth! I love that, but I think he was a little self-conscious about it. And that is Tess' "forced" smile. haha!

Two year olds aren't super excited at 10am. Who knew?!

There's that sweet smile!

Headbutt! Then a kiss!

My favorite of the day. Chapel was using my parasol as a spinning bamboo weapon!
I liked the contrast, so I whited out the trees.

Thanks for hanging out with me!!!


Tammi Nowack Photography said...

Your fav is my fav too!
Also love the horizontal of the little girl, and the more serious one of the two of them with their feet in the water.

Great work! You'd never guess that it was 5000 degrees outside that day! :)

Amy Lynn said...

Oh I LOVE these! Especially the ones with their feet in the water. How adorable! Fabulous job. :)