Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crystal + Tripp, Part 2 ::Jekyll Island Wedding Photography::

Before your eyes pop out of your head (due to the awesomeness that is Crystal and Tripp), please refer to PART 1 for the whole story.

My favorite thing about Jekyll Island (besides C & T's wedding) was the crazy trees.
Cristina and I are both into cool trees, so this is a place we wanted to stay for a while.

See, we told you they were sexy.

One of my favs. I mean. Hello roots.

Reason number 724 why two photogs are better than one.
Cristina's angle:

My angle (same exact time!):

As if they weren't hot enough, we asked them to go in this old building...and they did.

Another Fav from the day...

During these, Tripp was saying "Smile with your eyes!" Apparently Crystal is an ANTM fan, and you can totally tell that it's rubbed off on her.

We ended the day back at their hotel..with Stewie..their baby Jack Russel. Stewie was WAY more interested in the bird that was squawking, than our camera lens...but he was so cute in his GC&SU collar! GC&SU is where we went to college, too. Just one more thing that makes this couple awesome.


ohana photographers - david & kimi said...

loooove that rooty tree goodness!! love all the shots on the beach!

tammi nowack photography said...

You like trees, I like old buildings....My eyeballs fell out of their sockets when I saw those images. LOVE. LOVE.

Beth Morgan said...

Seriously IN LOVE! With ya'll and these images :). Those trees and that abandoned building and the hot couple equals epic greatness!