Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crystal & Tripp, Part 1 ::Jekyll Island Wedding Photography::

Hey Everyone! Molly here...
Cristina and I went to Jekyll Island a couple of weeks ago for Crystal and Tripp's beach bash. Crystal and Trip chose to do their session after the reception, which was a great choice as far as sunlight and timing goes...but boy was it hot! You would think that there would be a breeze coming in from the ocean or something. These two were so sweet together and such troopers. Nothing stopped them, not sweat, drift wood, giant dead crabs, sharp rocks, biting flies, sand fleas..nothing! Oh, and ... I love sexy couples! It makes our job easy. See what I mean?

Now Then...lets take a look at their day from the beginning. The couple photos will be in Part 2!

The day started out with the ladies tucked away in a side room getting all dolled up and having a blast. I was re-introduced to fruit rollups. yum!

This is a great look on all bridesmaids. Trust us..it's the "in" thing. ;)

Love this "through the curling iron" shot that Cristina grabbed.

It's detail time! ::Does the detail dance::... you know what it is.

Then it was time to get the dress on!

And some photos of hot girls..literally..we were all pretty toasty.

Yay for sand that burns the skin on the bottom of your feets. Boo for "nesting" turtles.

Yay for handsome fellas in the middle of a marsh! Boo for mosquitos and sweat!

Tripp was a bad a-word.

Oh, hey! It's wedding time!

Reception details...

This looks like fun... mmm cake up the nostril.

Then it was time for a few of the whole bridal clan and some of the extended families!
Oh..and.. ring bearer was a total ladies man!!!

A first dance...

A dance with dad...

A quick toss...

This is my favorite shot of the ring bearer dancing. He was "poppin' his colla' ".
Cristina grabbed the awesome show on the right of the brothers doing the worm.

And....they're off!

Stay tuned for part 2!!!

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tammi nowack Photography said...

Love your ring shot. That bokeh is so yummy I could lick it. :)