Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kristina and Jon's engagements

Hey All, here are some of Kristina and Jon's photos from there engagement shoot.  

Monday, August 18, 2008

Abby + Liz, America's Next Top Model's Senior Portraits

Hi everyone! Molly here! A couple of weeks ago, my aunt Tracie was kind enough to let us invade her rural wonderland long enough to get some senior shots of my cousin, Abby, and her friend, Liz. It was SO hard to pick out which photos to blog, because I liked them all. These girls were so pretty that the shoot was easy...I mean if you don't include the heat, the gnats, the fire ants, and the barrage of random animals that curiously followed along the shoot. Did I mention, they were good sports? =). My aunt Elaine , Abby's mom, was appointed chief gnat swatter...
Anyway, it was a fun shoot, with great models..really, they should be pros...We encountered.. 2 snotty horses, a three legged cat, 5 random dogs, and 76 billion gnats. Thanks for hanging in there, ladies. Below is my favorite of the two together, yelling strange things. Below that are my favs from each girl. Look to the right to find quick links.

Abby, Senior Portraits

Head shot for an aspiring actress.
That horse was creepy. He would sneak up behind you , stand there, and breathe on your neck. I'm still having nightMARES. <--pun
Abby has this intense look about her that makes me think I would not want to be on her bad-side... However, I like intense.

I would like to entitle this one "Perfume Ad"

Making friends with Fido..who followed us around the rest of the time.

Random dog was exhausted by the end of the shoot.

Liz, Senior Portraits

Favorite model-ish shot.Making friends with Mr. Ed.

The dog wanted in on the fun.

I had to use this gigantic mirror. LOVE the mirror. Want one in my backyard.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I appologize for grammatical errors.

It's late. 4 in the morning and I can't sleep. I blame it on the Olympics..messing up my sleep schedule, like that. I blame it on my husband, too. He can't really help it though. He hurt his back today at work, so we spent 5 hours in the happiest place on, not Disney World, the E.R... I never understood why they keep hospitals so dang cold. I think they ship all the doctors and nurses in from Alaska. I believe from the "Know-it-all-but-do-nothing" tribe. I'm sure you haven't heard of it. I thawed out in the sauna of Georgia..the Valdosta heat, as they poked him and asked him a barrage of questions leading up to the prescription of pills...a.k.a. The reason I can't sleep.
The funny thing is that earlier in the evening, after he had taken these pills, I woke him up and told him "Honey, you might want to try to stay least for Michael Phelps' race...or you won't be able to sleep tonight." How ironic.
These pills have already lead to the following conditions for yours truly
a) He's going to eat more starches than he normally does, which leads me to believe that I should buy stock in Publix.
b) He's going to talk in his sleep...even more than he normally does.
c) He's not going to be able to bend over to lift the toilet seat.
Let's review: a) self explanatory.. Anyone who knows the love of my life, knows the love of his (especially if cooked by himself or his mother).
b) He talks in his sleep. And with these magical sleeping pills, he does it ALOT. It's something that I've gotten used to, but every once in a while he catches me off guard. The conversation is usually about work (apparently he even works in his sleep, and is always having a bad day), and goes something like this:
Him: "Yeeaaahhhh. I'm gonna need those numbers"
Me: "What numbers?"
Him: "The numbers...I'm gonna need them for a little while. And I think we have extra cases in the back.." ::mumbles, rolls over::
And that's usually the extent of our sleep-conversations. But tonight, he carried on for like ten minutes about a magazine called 106 that was supposedly being delivered to our apartment. Complete with directions to his co-worker on how to get here. It was interesting to say the least.
c). This one, may get graphic. You most married couples, we have the unwritten "toilet seat clause" embedded into our marriage license. You know what it is. So it should be no surprise to you that I was quite surprised when he breached our contract. The poor soul "tried" but he couldn't bend over quite enough to lift the seat. Suddenly, I am reduced to using my home bathroom the same as I would a public bathroom. I'm talkin' bout some David Copperfield kinda magic up in there. Some hovering. Some acrobatics. Some yoga, complete with chant : "I will not fall on the toilet seat. I will not fall on the toilet seat..."

But, I decided to put this all aside, and I climbed in bed after the girl's gymnastics (not the ones in the bathroom, the ones on t.v.) were over. And besides, he looked so beautiful in the moonlight...not pastey, like he had before I turned out the light. Yeah, I know it sounds bad, but he had been unusually pale all day since the "incident". "I'm gonna need him to get over that, " I thought, as I stared as his handsome peacefulness. Lord knows, I'm pale enough for the both of us on an average day.
And then, the thing happened that finally drove me out of bed after several hours of tossing and turning (his, not mine)..he found a comfortable position. On his back. Which means a log-saw testing facility suddenly had moved into our bedroom and was not leaving anytime soon.

So now I'm up...and I'm staring at these pill bottles. They come with a warning about taking the pills with alcohol. I think it should come with an alcohol warning label for spouses right under that one that says "Go ahead, you're gonna need it."

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Amanda + Nic

Hi everyone! Molly here! A few weeks ago, we went to Wakulla Springs, Florida for Amanda and Nic's wedding. Their ceremony was small, simple, sweet, and classically beautiful. As always, we had a blast! Here are a few of my favs...More to come later.
We'll start with the details:

I thought this was cute: A Pez Bride and Groom..

The bride and her father sneaking around back.

And waiting for the processional music...very calmly, I might add.

The flower girl and her brother. This is my favorite from the family portraits.
I just think they look like little models.

A beautiful bride!
At the reception, there was something fun for everyone.
But the ring bearer thought it was a lot hotter than Canada.
The first dance.
A great daddy-daughter hug!