Saturday, January 31, 2009

Alyssa + Jason:: Tallahassee, FL:: An FSU Wedding

Hey Everyone! Molly Here!
Cristina and I headed down to Tallahassee a couple of weeks ago to shoot a really sweet couple's wedding. Alyssa and Jason had an awesome FSU wedding AT the stadium. How cool is that? I bet all guys wish they had girls who would agree to get married at their favorite team's stadium. Anyway, they didn't get married on the field, but in a beautiful ballroom upstairs. I will post pics of that later, but here are some of my favs so far.

Alyssa's beautiful dress in front of the capital building & a pouting (yet still adorable) flower girl.

A super fun ride in the limo! Alyssa and her dad took this time for some personal photos!

A couple of details:

What a pretty bridal party!

Sexiness atop the stadium.

Well, you know me and ring shots =(..sorry.

"Hava Nagila!" This was awesome for Cristina and I, who don't often see Jewish elements in ceremonies or receptions in South Georgia.

They look SO bad a-word.

By far, my favorite shot of the day. They were so cool to put on their jerseys and take the field! Then, the lights were turned off on us, and we had to find our way out of the stadium in the dark.

Thanks Alyssa & Jason!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rachel + AJ:: Columbus, GA

Hey Everyone! Molly here!
Let me tell you, if our first wedding of the year is any indication of how the rest of the year is going to go, then I am EXCITED. We kicked off the year with Rachel and AJ in Columbus, GA. They were married at Wynnton Methodist, and had an awesome reception at the Columbus Naval Museum .
They opted for a first sight, which gave us ample time to get some awesome shots of the two of them before it got dark. It also made the rest of the day, much more relaxing for everyone including the family. Also, Rachel was such a trooper in her dress! Long story short: Awesome couple, sweet as pie families...sigh. Here are mine and Cristina's favs.

A little nap never hurt anybody...especially on their wedding day!

Ooooh. The first sight.

What an awesome bridal party! They all jumped! But Rachel and AJ jumped off the ledge!

So this lovely lady let us borrow her radical two seater bike, and Rachel and AJ hopped right on.
I wish I could post all of the two seater shots...maybe I will... later.

Hotness. You heard 'em sizzle.

How cool is this venue?! Who doesn't want their bar to be in a giant ship?

And their dinner on the dock?

Umm, So you know me and ring shots...

I love this shot.

LOOOVED their cake. Cristina often joke that we're in it for the cake, but we didn't actually get to taste theirs. It just looked awesome.

Who says white girls can't dance?


Thanks for letting us hang with you guys on your day!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ginny+ Tanner:: Thomasville, GA

Hey Everyone! Molly here! Ginny and Tanner were married the weekend after Christmas in Thomasville, GA. It was a great wedding to end the year with. Ginny and Tanner had a busy week. Two days after their wedding, they moved to another state! Tanner helps protect the country (he's a sailor). The two of them were so sweet, and the after party was CRAZY! Leave it to Thomasvillains to throw a great reception!
Anyway, here are both mine and Cristina's edits from the day.

The Ring Bearer and Flower girl were adorable, but they weren't that into photos.

However, our bride rocked it, super model style.

The first sight.

Ginny & Tanner elected not to see each other before the ceremony, which makes it difficult this time of year to get any good outdoor portraits...because it is obviously dark after afternoon ceremonies. We Lowell lighted it, and got these.

The country club was beautifully decorated...It still felt like Christmas.

Some details.

And then..everyone PARTIED!

By the way, the day I shot this wedding, I was feeling terrible. I had some kind of bronchial infection, and by the end of the night my throat was totally on fire. Luckily, they had a wedding director who yelled for me.