Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Goings on of the Red Fly Ladies

Hello all! This is Molly.
I thought I would give everyone an update as to where your photos are in the line of never-ending edits and to just let you guys know what we are up to and how much we appreciate you all!!!
I am always finding out that random people actually look at our blog! That is awesome, considering, my email updates always show "0" visits per day. I was a little depressed, but then I realized that maybe it is wrong. I hope.

So here is what is going on: I still hate the following songs: "All the Single Ladies" and "Disco Stick". Cristina tried to adopt another cat the other day :).

We just got back from an amazing wedding in Hiawassee, GA so I am trying to get caught up on emails, contracts, etc.

I feel blessed that we have been so busy. And I thank you all for holding our hands through all of this craziness! Our calender is "whacked out". In the words of Will Smith. However, I did want to let you know what's up..so here goes: Weddings scheduled/contract & deposit complete:

July 11- Edenfield-Slater wedding- Albany, GA
July 18- Parrish-Glass wedding- Thomasville, GA
July 27-31 - Love Affair Workshop- Atlanta, GA
July 25- N/A
August 1 - Franklin-(Zane) wedding- Pretty Place, SC
August 8- Flowers-Willis wedding- Moultrie, GA
August 15- Open
August 22- Open
August 19- Open
Sept. 5- Open
Sept. 12- S. Flowers- Murphy wedding- Moultrie, GA
Sept. 19- Open
Sept. 26- Open
October 3- Black-Mathis wedding- Albany, GA
October 10-Dorsey-Marsh wedding- Thomasville, GA
October 17- Ford-Pinataro wedding- Apilachicola, FL
October 24- Sargent-Nuetzel wedding- Columbus, GA
October 31- Boo! (Open)
November 7- Covington-Taylor wedding - Thomasville, GA
November 14- Sterling- Sieben wedding - Thomasville, GA
November 21 & 28- Open ::turkey gobble::
All of December- Open ::Ho, ho, ho!::

Whew: ok, so here is the status of things that we have already shot in order of editing:
Tess & Chapel portraits (final touches) , Blakelee & MacKenzie portraits, Mia portraits,
B. Parrish Bridals, Lee Wedding (images culled/1st stage edit/ color) , N. Barden Bridals, Barden Wedding (images culled/1st stage edit/ color), Alex & Caitlin e-sesh, Paustian Wedding, Murdoch Engagement.

Yeah, I know...CRAZY...so why am I googling things like "how does a sneeze happen?"
Little known fact: A single sneeze can expel 40,000 droplets. eww. No wonder mom told me to cover my mouth!


Anonymous said...

Hey ladies !
It's Cristina's Auntie Evelyn here. I'm so glad that yall are having a wonderful year. I always check your website out (cause I'm a photo geek) but I'm guilty I don't always leave a comment. Keep up the fantastic work ! Love you both :-)

Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said...

Isn't it great in this economy that we can still be busy!?!?!

Just wanted to say...I was born in Albany and have a ton of family there!! So rock on there!!!

Stephanie Rehberg said...

To all the anxious brides waiting for their pictures..as a former bride of the girls the wait is totally worth it!!!!! Keep up the amazing job! You guys rock!

Natasha said...

Hola chicas! Ok, so I completely understand about being busy and I am so excited that you two have that problem! :) Of course I am dieing to see the pictures; but patience is a virtue... and good things come to those that wait. :) I just wanted to say before ever seeing any of the pictures that I know they will be fantastic and I want you to know that my entire family is hitting your blog everyday hoping for a sneak pick! You ladies were wonderful and we cannot wait to see you amazing work. We will keep an eye out and continue to enjoy all of your beautiful pictures while we await the unveiling; but just for the record you both rock and I am so thankful you were the photographers for my wedding.

Love you both!!
Mrs. Natasha Groden :)

Anonymous said...

just another comment to let you know people are watching