Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cutie Pie, Mia

Hey everyone! This is Molly again!
A couple of weeks ago, Cristina and I met up with Mia and her sweet family. But right as they pulled up and got out, it began to rain and thunder! Had we known that the rain would have only lasted 30 minutes, we would have waited, but we opted to reschedule...for an even hotter day. But Mia and her family were troopers and stuck it out. I think we got some great playdate images from this little cutie. I kept saying "awwwww" to myself as I edited, and had to show my husband how cute she was 4.5 billion times. I love two-year olds, but boy are they ever busy ;).
Here is Mia's sneaky peaky:

My favorite from the day came within the first 2 minutes that she sat down. She's gorgeous!

She liked all of the props!!

She was so cute..hanging over the railing calling the ducks with quacks.
This is the point where I realized that I'm going to be one of those "nervous mothers".
Luckily, Mia's mama wasn't a nervous mom.

Change of clothes, tea party and balloooooons always makes little girls happy.

She kept making this face. Love it!

"mmmm tea" . I love the fact that her parents just let her play.

Hahah! chubby baby legs.

Cristina stopped and picked up a treat for Mia. Mia liked it a lot!

And then it got stuck to the blanket. It was fuzzy, but she still wanted to share it!

After we let the balloon go, we lost her to the playground. She ran with her elbows tucked the whole way there!

Thanks for the playdate Mia!


Tammi Nowack Photography said...

Oh, she is a DOLL! I love the first one on that bridge...hello, LARGE CANVAS, anyone? Stunning little girl.

Beth Morgan said...

If this is the sneaky peaky I can't wait to see the whole post! She is adorable and your style/voice is more refined with each shoot. I can tell your work when I see it!b

smittengreta said...

she is SO CUTE!!!!!!! i LOVE the full length b&w shot of her with the umbrella!