Friday, June 26, 2009

Sarah + Mattison Part 2 :: Thomasville, GA Wedding Photography::

If you haven't read about Sarah and Matt and seen the first half of their wedding day, please check out Part 1 first.

Ladies and Gentlemen...Please prepare your eyes...for awesomeness.

Mom and bride, checking out the weather situation and the guest situation.
Dad, using a little humor to calm the nerves.

Getting to the Church..err.. Front yard..on time

Love me some strings!

Okay, so I know I have told you that they are sweet like 5 million times, but what wedding have you ever been to where the groom sings a special song that he wrote for her AS she walks up the aisle?! What?! It blew my emotions up. I was Kleenex city.

Dad looks proud.

Vows were exchanged.

Rings were exchanged.

Prayer was said.

A kiss was given.

Everyone clapped.

The reception was gorgeous, and the rain cooled everything off perfectly.

Matt's Brother, giving a toast.

Then the first the song he wrote her. ::grabs more kleenex::

And then the father/ daughter dance...always a tear jerker.

Aren't they cute...

Garter Cheater! That guy was eager to get married!

The bouquet was tossed and got stuck on the lantern wire. Everyone had a good laugh about it before the groom shook it down.

Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil...silly boys.

I "lol"ed at this guy dancing.

Sarah's grandma was sweet enough to let me climb on her roof to get this shot.
My pants were soaking wet because I was stupid enough to forget that it rained, but it was worth it!

A kiss from mom, and...they're off!!

Thanks, Sarah & Matt for letting us be a part of your day!


Danielle Stewart said...

Climbing up on the roof and getting soaked was definitely worth that shot!

Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said...

Great job!!! I love both posts of this wedding....the bride and bridal party look like they were a blast to photograph!

Tammi Nowack Photography said...


Can't pick a favorite. seriously. can't choose.

nice work ladies.

Jessica said...

this house is just down the street from us! i've always wanted to see the inside-thanks!

nice wedding, too :)

Jessica Wylie

Candice, Leesburg, Ga said...

Beautiful! I'm in awe. I don't know these people, but what you captured brought tears to my eyes SEVERAL times.