Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Natasha +Alex Part 1 :: Thomasville GA Wedding Photography::

Hey Everyone! Molly AND Cristina here reporting to you from the lobby of the W hotel Midtown in Atlanta. Pretty Swanky huh? We are attending love affair workshop and probably won't be answering any emails until MONDAY (after we leave we head to South Carolina for a wedding)!

Anyway, on to Natasha & Alex.. They are such a super sweet couple. Natasha did an awesome job planning this wedding with such great details. I could go on and on about them, but the hotel only allows for one hour of free internet in the lobby. lame. So just take my word for it. They are very cool. Cooler than you, I assure you. Sorry, I'm sleepy.

So here goes.

Alex's Aunt kicked booty on hair and makeup!

Great Aunt's broach was very special :)

A sixpence for the shoe...

And some details of the Uno Barn at Pebble Hill Plantation.

And back to Natasha for the completion of her look!

Aww, new sisters...

Aww, sisters...

Here comes dad to see his girl for the first time all dolled up...

Obviously, it was sweet.

Then, Alex began to really look spiffy.

This was right before our poor bride almost collapsed from heat exhaustion!! We had to run her back to the room and strip her down to her skivies.

Oh, well these were taken before she got too hot, but you get the idea.. sorry. She's so hot in this picture, but in a non-temperature kind of way.

Cute flower girls..

Deez Tales. (Details)

Hilarious baby face that Cristina captured in time forever and ever.

First dance love.

End of first dance and beginning of daddy dance.

Yay, we love granddaddies.

Natasha MADE this area for her guests to take photos. It was HILARIOUS!

This is creepy, but I still heart it.

Bye Bye!

Stay tuned for Part 2, the bridals and not-so-formals...

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