Sunday, August 30, 2009


Hey guys! Molly here...
I thought I would pop in and tell you what kinds of things we've been doing..
Well, there is the usual... editing. editing. and ..umm.. editing?
And then there is the really exciting things like:
1. We just got four awesome canvases in!
2. We are going to Savannah for a bridal show at Elite Events at the end of September and we are super excited, but there is a LOT to do.
3. And...this is the MOST exciting. As some of you know, a few months ago, we discovered beautiful hardwood floors in our studio. Sooo we pushed all the furniture into the kitchen area. We took up the carpet, the vinyl tile, and then there was this black tar sticky mess. It was the devil. Cristina & Jeremy, Cristina's husband, helped a lot by scraping most of it up. Then we all stood around and scratched our heads because we were too busy with weddings to even consider tackling more physical labor. So we finally found some very talented people who agreed to help us finish our studio floors! Yesterday I was covered in dust, but thoroughly happy to see our red pine floors coming through the black tar stickiness.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Britney + Ross ::Thomasville Wedding Photography::

Hey Everyone! Molly here!
Last month Cristina and I photographed Britney & Ross's (Is that how you write it? or is it Ross' ?) wedding at First Baptist Thomasville. You may remember the beautiful Britney from her bridal session. Well, needless to say this was one of the most unique weddings we have ever photographed. Why? Because the bride was KIDNAPPED. Yes. You see, the groom's side side of the family has a tradition where the male members of the family take the bride at some point during the day and leave her BY HERSELF in a public place, somewhere in the town. The groom then has to go and find the poor girl, rescue her, and proceed with the day. Although I'm sure it added to the stress of the day, It was SO fun. It is a thirty-year old tradition! How cool! Ok, I know. I'm babbling. Here are our favorites. More explanation in a moment.

You remember how when you were little and your mom would hair spray your hair and your forehead would be sticky?!

Love this shot C grabbed of Britney's mama helping with the garter!

What bride couldn't use a little shimmer bling blou on her wedding day?!

Those lovely accessories complete the look.

Then, it was time for a quick present exchange!

Britney wrote some sweet things in the front of Ross's/ Ross' bible.

Ring-bearer boredom.

Somebody had a crush on someone else! That same someone is being silly in the mirror.

Sweet! It's time to get this thang done! Let's get them married.

Cristina's view.

My view. Awww look how cute they are.

Poor fella' he needed a nap. Umm. That's kind of how I feel right now.

What a scorchin' couple.

I think this was right before he bit her nose. I have a picture of that too!
See? Cute, aren't they?

We made them kiss A LOT! But I honestly don't think they minded.
They seemed pretty good at it.

Gah! What hotties! Stop it y'all.

Then it was time to hop in that antique car and get to the reception...or was it?!

The happy couple wasn't even around the corner yet when "woop! woop!"
(Just did my best 5-0 impression) Chauffeur got pulled over by Thomasville's finest.

Britney's saying, "What the heck is going on?!" through clinched teeth, while Ross is enjoying every minute!

The guests are confused and entertained...

The driver's license was "ok" and they were off for a joy-ride to the reception.
Please take note ( MOM ) this was taken at a red light.
I don't know if it's illegal, but it probably was.

Cristina's view of the joy-ride. (LOVE this shot)

Uh-oh! What's this?! The driver pulled over?
Someone pulled in right behind him?
They are kidnapping the bride?!!

The plan being executed...

Britney's sad face about being kidnapped.

Ross's/Ross' super ecstatic face about his bride being kidnapped!

The reception was held at the lovely Pebble Hill's Uno Barn.
A few reception details!

Britney's dad: "So, where's your bride?"
Ross: "I dunno?"
Britney's mom's face is the look of sheer terror that her daughter will never see her own reception.

Ross decided that it was time to go find his woman, so he searched (or...maybe received a tip) that his lady was enjoying beverages at the local mexican restaurant... with strangers.

"Hey my lovely bride, why don't you put down that margarita and we'll go to our reception? I'll get you a to-go cup!" Ahhh, love.

Finally, they arrived at the Uno barn, and all was well with the world.

The kids enjoyed wrestling outside. I had twenty bucks on the flower girl.

A few of Britney's sorority ladies.

A first dance...

A daddy-daughter moment

A mother-son moment

OH! and here's where it gets craZy (with a capitol Z).

Lots of booty-shakin' going on. Even grandma got in on the action!

The below images make me "lol".

Britney's sorority sisters did the candle-passing ceremony and song.

Yep, they are adorable.

"Hey, you remember that time Britney's dad busted a move?"
"Shhyeah. That was awesome!"

All good parties must come to an end...sort of :)

Britney and Ross, thanks for letting us come to your party.