Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shaner + Britt

Cristina & I shot Shaner & Britt's e-session on Saturday in Milledgeville. Shaner, Cristina, and I all met at Georgia College & State University, so we were delighted when Shaner asked us to shoot her and Britt. Shaner and I exhibited together for our senior exhibits..she is an absolutely amazing acrylic photo-realist painter. Anyway, we are also shooting their wedding in August and can not wait, because this couple is so sweet and I think it shows that they are super in love.

Watch out Shaner, it's the Britt monster!

Who says crack alley's aren't beautiful? This alley is pretty scary at first glance but it is my secret garden in Milledgeville. The light is always perfect back there. But make sure you don't drop your sweater back there.

Shaner has this intense model look that both Cristina and I ate up. Move over crazy Tyra, she's America's Next Top Model.

Lord, I was born a ramblin' woman...

Hey everyone, this is Molly.
Cristina and I made a trip to the Atlanta area this weekend. We had a great time and met some absolutely awesome people. We had 3 Funtabulous photoshoots. We were lucky that Cristina has some great friends who let us drive her car (because Cristina's is on the fritz...thanks elisa) or crash with her in a new home (thanks jess, noah, and hazel you nut).
Anyway, I've really been trying to step back and take a look at my life in its transitional state. Graduating, getting married, starting a's becoming very real, and I haven't been this happy or excited about life for a very long time. It takes good clients, good friends (which are hard to come by), and great family...and lately I've been feeling pretty positive on all of those things.
I google mapped where I have been since I graduated a week and a half ago. It told me I had been 1,301 miles. That kind of scares me that I have traveled all over Georgia and parts of Florida, and I wonder if that's an indicator of how life is going to be. If so, I hope gas prices fall soon.

Erica and Holly

Hey Folks, Cristina here! Wow! These last few weeks have so crazy! We have had a bunch of shoots, one after the other. Thanks so much for everyone who's hired us! We have had so much fun running all over the state and photographing you!  This is Erica and Holly! They wanted to take some photos for their mom as a late Mother's Day gift.  They were so sweet and up for anything! I hope your mom enjoys these as much as I did! Thanks girls!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Family Shots

Hello all. Cristina asked me to blog some family portraits, and I swear I was gonna do it earlier..but I got distracted by photography blogs (they are my weakness). Three hours later, I am being obedient, as I realized I have to get up for a shoot in a few hours. I overcame my ADD, and here they are. I guess someone out there in cyber land really likes family photos?
We try to concentrate on the bride and groom on their wedding day, but also like to get a few shots of the fam (after all, you couldn't do it without them). We don't do overly posed photos, its not our style, so make sure you like our style before you book us (but I hope you like it)!

We do small groupings, medium groupings, or super gigantic groupings if you like.

We can do formal and silly.

We can do both sides of really big families. (Generally, we only shoot immediate family on the day of the wedding, but this couple opted to get more family shots and to a "couple" session the day after their wedding when they were more relaxed).

Informal or Formal

Two perspectives from two great photographers.

Something fun and something sweet.

Something outdoors or something indoors.

I hope this was what I was supposed to blog. If not, let me know and I will re-blog.. if that is a thing. Ohhh, the bed is calling me. G'night!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jessica and Chris

Hey! Cristina here. I just wanted to post a couple of photos from an e-session that I did recently.
Meet Jessica and Chris! Jessica and Chris are getting married in November, just a couple of weeks after I am. They are such a sweet and fun couple. They brought their super cute dog named,Bella, on the shoot too! I'm so glad that Jessica and Chris gave me the chance to photograph them. We had lots of fun in the grass and in the stickers! Thanks so much for being great sports!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Rebecca my cousin!

This is Cristina. I had the chance to photograph my cousin Rebecca this weekend. So, we had a crazy, fun photo shoot in Columbus, Ga. I glad she had a chance to see how much of an adventure our photo shoots are. haha. I know we'll never forget it. Right now, I have so much editing to do, so I only want to blog one of my favorite photos so far of Rebecca. I love you girl!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Order your photos!

Hey Everyone!
We finally uploaded photos to Printroom. If any of you have had a photo shoot in the last 2 months then friends and family can view and order them from our website. Just go to Then go to the wedding site, then go to proofing. Then, go to galleries and find the photos that you would like to order! We are so excited about our new business and we hope that everyone enjoys the photos.  Printroom has some really neat products. You should definitely check out the metallic photo paper. It's really cool.  AND ... the canvas prints are so stylish! We appreciate everyone's business! Thanks so much!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Hey Friends!
This is Cristina here. I just wanted to let everyone know that Molly and I are planning a beach trip this summer for high school seniors. We are planning for July 23rd.  We want to take up to 5 seniors down to St. George Island, FL and Apalachicola, FL for a fun photo session for senior portraits. We want to have a relaxed and fun time. St. George Island is so beautiful. We'll be driving over to the State Park for the beachy photos and then drive over to the super neat town of Apalachicola. They have a really neat downtown area. While we're down there, we'll definitely stop somewhere and eat something yummy! 

 The cost of the Senior Beach trip is $150. This includes gas, the fun photo shoot, around 100-130 photos on a cd. The photos will be edited and enhanced. Color, black and white and sepia tone images will be on the cd, as well. We will host your images on our website so family and friends can order them easily. You will also get an 8x10 of your favorite image!  Let us know if you're interested and we'll sign you up!  This trip is not only open for Thomasville seniors! Out of towners are welcomed! Thanks!!
You can e-mail us at or call us at 229-226-1112. If we're not there, leave us message so we can call you back!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Chad & Teri

Hey everyone! It's Molly.
So I got to meet a really sweet couple yesterday..Chad and Teri. We met in Macon, Ga to shoot their e-session, and they were willing to traipse around all over downtown with me...questionable alleys and all. The rain held off and this couple was a lot of fun! See?

Practice Love & Kindness

Chad and Teri told me that Nu-Way Weiners is famous in Macon for their deliciouso hot dogs. One day, I'll go back for one.

No, i didn't lay in a dirty alley. I have no clue what you're talking about.

Yeah, we found the Chad & Teri building =D.

Red Flag!?