Thursday, July 9, 2009

Blakelee & MacKenzie

Hey Everyone! Molly here!
A couple of weeks ago, I went home to see my family in Albany. That weekend was so weird, because it was more like Christmas than Christmas was (well, except for the fact that it was sweltering outside). The reason I say that is because I saw both sides of my family, and I normally don't even see everyone on Christmas..AND my mom bought me some clothes. So, when my dad and I headed up to the park to meet up with his side of the family, I was so surprised to see that many people. I saw my cousin, who I don't think I have seen in over 2 years, and her girls who are not so little anymore. Here's a sneak peak at my other side of the family: Blakelee & MacKenzie.

So MacKenzie isn't too "into" the whole photo thing. The right photo actually reminds me of my dad, because that is how he smiles.

I absolutely LOVE this picture because of how completely content my grandmother looks.

She loves her great-grandbabies!

This picture reminds me a lot of my cousin when we were little!

Then, we went over to my grandmother's house for some delicious
Jimmie's hot dogs. YUUMMMM.

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smittengreta said...

awwww, family! love the ones with grandma - you're right, she looks so happy! and that last one is so sweet!!