Friday, July 3, 2009

Katie + Clay ::Eastman, GA::

Hi Everyone! Molly here!
Cristina and I traveled to Eastman, GA to photograph Katie and Clay's wedding at the end of May.
We first met Katie and Clay last November for their engagement session. (Go there to read the story of how he proposed!) They are such a cute couple. One day, their babies are going to be adorable. Katie is one of those people who is so nice, that you can see yourself being really good friends with her like five minutes after you meet her. She's also an accountant. We tried to convince her to come work for us, but she wouldn't have it. ;).
Anyway, here's Katie and Clay's preview!

Katie got these really cute necklaces for her b-maids!

Katie and Clay decided to do a first sight. Which we LOVE!
Cristina really had an awesome composition in this one!

Then we forced their entire wedding party to trot down the street to a very cool historic house for some photos!

Clay's serious face :)... his posse in the background. They've got his back.

The ladies..being sassy!

And serious!

OOoo lah lah!

My favs..

Cristina nailed it on this shot.

Then it was wedding time!!!

I hid behind a plant to see Clay being super serious during the ceremony.

UMMM. I thought it was ADORABLE that they kissed then hugged. This is one of those couples that you look at and go .."oh yeah..they will have no probs with this whole marriage thing."

Then onto the reception for some lemonade...

And yummy food!

Love Katie's expression in this photo.

After the couple left, the Waldon & Corbitt families relaxified on the front porch with their shoes off and pockets empty. ;). Sweet families who get along SO well. We love that, too.

Thanks for letting us hang with you on your wedding day!


amber - smitten photos said...

that ring shot is adorable! great work laaaaaaaaaaadies. :)

smittengreta said...

great wedding!! how awesome is that shoe shot?! love it!