Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Candace + Jerry, Part 2 :: Apalachicola Wedding Photographer ::

If You haven't already, check out Part 1 of Candace and Jerry's wedding weekend first!!

Ok, who is ready for some greatness?! I am! I am!

The wind was our best friend! I almost blew away several times, but it was totally worth it.
And it was chilly.

AH! love!!

My butt-crack became cold and wet during the photo on the right (rogue wave). Caused great laughs though! Candace has the BEST laugh face evar!!

They were so great together. It was easy to see how happy they make each other.

My Absolute FAV, by Cristina.

The Owl Cafe was pretty much da bomb for a reception site (checked with my husband who informs me that it is uncool to say that...oh well).

I couldn't decide between these two cake shots... lol.. never said that before.

We loved the details!

Instead of a groom's cake, they went straight for the oysters.. yuck!! Candace had never eaten a raw oyster, which explains her facial expression. haha!

Some sweet and some funny toasts were exchanged!

Ok, I don't know if Candace and Jerry will like this photo, but I LOVE it! haha. They were dancing into Cristina. hehe..paparazzi love.
TOLD you Candace has the best laugh.

Maybe he IS part of the Irish mob..

Only grooms who cooperate and make their new brides laugh get high-fives from Molly.
(Please note that I look very rough...this was at the end of the wedding day and I had to change my wedding attire because I was cold.. Lord knows I can't function when I'm cold).

Some dancing ensued!

Bridesmaids made good friends..with themselves =D. haha.

Woohoo! Time to go!

Candace got pelted in the face with some rose petals!

We had a Day-After session scheduled with Candace and Jerry bright and early the next morning, but it was FREEZING cold and no one wanted them to be sick on their honeymoon.
Plus, I'm pretty sure they brought the awesome on their wedding day, so it's cool
Thanks for letting us hang with you and your very cool families!!

Candace + Jerry, Part 1:: Apalachicola Wedding Photographer ::

Hey everyone! Molly here!
Last month we traveled to Apalachicola to photograph Candace and Jerry's wedding. I have to admit, when we met with Candace and Jerry several months ago, I had some not-so-serious reservations. I had the feeling that Jerry was in the CIA or Irish Mob... He spoke of bodyguards and backing up our cards as we shot so as not to lose any data. I had the feeling that we maybe needed to scan our fingerprint before entering the church. Boy were we wrong!

Jerry was super loosened up by the time we got down there, and Candace and Jerry ended up being one of the most fun couples that we've hung out with/ photographed in a while! Even without bodyguards, everything went perfectly.

They invited us to the rehearsal dinner to get some more shots of the family, who had traveled in from around the U.S. We loved this, as it was a chance to get to know the whole family before the day of the wedding. (And enjoy some delicious food!)

Amy from Bayside Gallery and Florist did an AMAZING job of coordinating the weekend.

We had a very very difficult time choosing favs, but here is their story:

We started out at the rehearsal dinner at this awesome beach house.

Jerry's truck was converted into a scrumptious confection.

The food was delish!

We loved getting to know their family and watching their families get to know each other better!

Future Photogs of America, right there ladies and gentlemen.

Gifts were exchanged, and the groomsman proceeded to do dental examinations on one another.
Just kidding.. they didn't really.

The girls had great gifts too!! (but didn't play with them like the boys)


Then it was time for the wedding day...

We think it's cute when dads are super proud.

It was SOOO bright outside!! And Cristina was assaulted by some prickly things!

Love this one..

Did I mention that it was bright outside?

We finally lured the girls out of the house for some girl time right before we headed to the church.

The wedding was held at the exquisite St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Apalachicola.

Some details... The coordinator doubled as the florist = awesome.

Then it was time for us to photograph the silly men-folk!

Jerry had some kind of classic handsome-ness? ..that we both agreed he looked super cool in all the black and white photos.

OO! OO! Time for the wedding!

This church had a really cool feature that I've never seen before. The sunlight from the second-story windows came down and cast a shadow on the wall from the cross (on the beam).
How cool?
Also, They got to sit!

And stand!

And Sit!

And Stand! (Glutes were worked.)

Yay! That was awesome! Stay tuned for PART 2.. which will be up in no time flat.