Thursday, April 30, 2009

Open wedding dates for 2009

Hey Everyone!

We just wanted to say that this year has started off great! We are having a very busy wedding season, thank the Lord.  We love being busy.  We just wanted to post up the wedding days that are still open for 2009.  

June 6, Aug 15, Aug 22, Aug 22, Aug 29, Sept 5, Sept 19, Sept 26, Oct 31, Nov 7, Nov 14,
Nov 21, Nov 28, and all weekends in December. 

If anyone is interested in booking, let us know. Thanks

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April + Luke ::The Tornado Day::

Hey everyone!
Cristina posted some of our photos yesterday, but I wanted to come back and write a few words about April and Luke's big day. April and Luke were married in Moultrie, GA on a day where there were constant Tornado warnings, crazy rain, and crazy wind. As some of you know, my biggest fears stem from bad weather. I was worried all day, that the tiny church that we were in was simply going to lift up, and blow away. I think I played it cool, though, maybe. I kept thinking.."Maybe they won't notice if I push the bride, groom, guests and children out of the way in my plight to throw myself in this closet, here."

Here are some photos from April and Luke's wedding (edit: with weather-related explanations).

The day started off with the ladies chatting in the beauty shop. No one but me noticed the warning alarms that would come through whatever song was on the radio every couple of minutes.
"::burrrrrn burrrrrrn burrrrrrn:: the national weather service has issued a tornado warning in the following counties..."
Don't think I didn't check a map to see where those counties were.
On to the silliness:

Cristina made friends with this hotty. She thought Cristina's hair smelled delightful, so Cristina took a photo with her new best buddy.

After the hair was complete, the rest of the preparations took place in a tiny room behind the sanctuary.

Because of the INSANE wind and rain outside, we had to keep all photos inside.
This was depressing, because the outside of the church was super cute as well.

Some details...

We did some group shots and bridals at the entrance of the church.
I think April looks stunning in this light.
Thank goodness for big windows!

I loved that these girls could make each other laugh so easily!

The weather calmed down for like 10 seconds.
April and Luke opted to do a first-sight...which we LOVE.

I think this is the best smile he flashed all day!
(Same shot, two photographers..this is why we're hot)

Some portraits..we used window lighting, and the photos were ALL taken in the sanctuary.

Right before the ceremony, the weather got worse..
The chapel became dark, and the rain was very loud.
However, no one was worried but me...Tornadophobic Molly.
April was super calm through the whole day! From the moment her veil blew off, to the moment she realized she would have to walk around the chapel in pouring rain, in order to enter from the back of the church.

Yay, for crazy high ISO's!

Great Kiss...Great Exit...

Bad rain...

Some details...

Luke has a thing for Jason (the movie) this mask grooms cake was perfect for him!
Gore never tasted so good.

The first dance!

The power went out during the reception. I felt bad for the DJ, but the guests entertained themselves nicely by watching the wind, rain, and the rising lake.

The power was back on within the hour, and the show went on!

The bride and groom (and some of the guests) live across the lake where the reception was being held. They all watched anxiously as the lake rose. Finally, the groom bailed on a jet ski to go fetch his belongings, which were literally floating away. I guess that's the only excuse a groom can have for leaving his own wedding reception.
April and Luke handled their wet and wild day like champs!
Nerves of steel I tell you, Nerves of steel.
Below is the view of the beautiful sunset (over the flooded lake and boathouse)
from the reception.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stephanie + Christopher ::Thomasville, GA::

Hey Everyone! Molly here!
Stephanie and Christopher were married at Myrtlewood Plantation in Thomasville.
You may remember this super sweet couple from their engagement session a few months back.
We love these two. They are two of the most genuine people I have met in a great while.
Their families and loved ones made the wedding more than memorable. And although the grounds were a little soggy from those crazy rains we had come through, the location was fabulous.
I cannot remember the name of the florist, but I will get it from Stephanie, and put it on here. Anyway, he did a fantastic job with the details. You will see. Here are some of both mine and Cristina's edits...mmmm...

You know you have a good woman when she wears pearls and cowgirl boots at the same time ;)

This is Stephanie & Christopher's old man baby...Captain. He's a sweety.

These are just a few of the amazing details I mentioned before.

And a little bit of ring know I had to.

I loved this touch to their wedding. The crowd saw her coming from quite a ways away!

Then, no one sat down, because they were still in awe from her beauty, until their legs gave out 5 minutes into the ceremony.

The below are mine and Cristina's favorites..but..which one did which? hmmm.

Stephanie and Christopher were ready to go party at the reception, but we stole them for one last posed shot.

Everyone had a great time. It was fun, and sweet.

And the weather was beautiful....finally!

These kids had moves! They put the adults to shame.

Line dancing of some sort.

What wedding reception isn't complete without being serenaded by your new family?

Thanks Stephanie and Christopher for letting us hang with y'all for the day.
And blog-visitors, check out April and Luke's Tornadic Sneak Peak..tomorrow.
Good night blog world, hello bed.