Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kelly + Adrian, Part 2 ::Thomasville, GA Wedding Photographer::

If you haven't read Part 1 of Kelly and Adrian's so now. Or else..

Ok then.. you ready? Let us continue with the hotness that is Kelly + Adrian...
Love the tree detail/lens flare combo that Cristina got!

Ok, are you ready for the Scottish portion of the blog post?
(From this point on, any caption must be read in a Scottish accent...aloud)
This picture just kind of made me chuckle. But it could be because it is very very late.

Both Kelly and Adrian's Moms wore tartan cloths draped over their shoulders to signify which clan they are from.
Tartan: a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors.

The Ring-Bearer was ready!

Love the ring pillow! (I believe she said that was from etsy too!)
Oh, and check out the bling on that pillow!

The Beadle. He had a very important job.
(From Kelly's program) A Kilted Beadle leads the procession carrying the Bible into the presence of the congregation. Reminiscent of an old custom of the Church of Scotland, this tradition highlights the Bible as the Word of our Lord and the center of our faith.

Umm. These fellas are my new best friends. They provided me with (not only beautiful music) mosquito repellent. They are totally worth hiring. Kelly, are they for hire?!

And then it was time to get the show on the road...

The procession, led by the Beadle. Following, are the piper and the drummer.
(Swoons. Men in kilts. I think I'll get a kilt for my husband! We ARE of the Wallis/Wallace clan.)

I love this shot of mom checking to make sure her baby girl is smiling.

During this ceremony, both of the families stood at the front of the congregation and both families "gave away" their kiddos.

After he kissed his bride, the tradition of the pinning of the tartan was executed.
The groom and his parents pin the Campbell tartan onto the bride, signifying her acceptance into the clan.

I love these two shots of the couple. SO them.

Reception details...

Yes they had icecream in a huge block of ICE!

Ice, Ice, baby...

Kelly and Adrian had one of the BEST bands I have ever seen at a wedding.
I don't even like country music and I wanted to dance.
The good ole' boys from the Michael Stacey Band were awesome! Click on their link to find out more about them.

Everyone liked to dance!

I think I know what he wants to be when he grows up!

As the evening went on, some people got a little sleepy...

While others just couldn't stop bustin' a move!

We eventually said goodnight, but I'm pretty sure the party didn't end when we left...
even though we are super cool and all.

All in all, it was an awesome wedding. I want to thank Kelly for really putting some great themes and family traditions into your wedding, and really making it personal. I want to thank Adrian for not complaining..not once. Even though it was hot. You deserve another frosty.

Said in my best Scottish accent (which really sounds more like Russian)..Also, I painted my face white and blue just to write this blog :
"It's all for nothing if you don't have freedom."

('s the only scottish thing i could think of..)

Kelly + Adrian, Part 1 ::Thomasville, GA Wedding Photographer::

Hey Everyone! Molly here!
Ok, well I was going to go to bed, but I just couldn't sleep! I was so excited about this blog post(s). So I have to warn you, the later I blog, the weirder I get. Just a warning.

So earlier this month, Cristina and I put on our kilts and headed to a plantation. hah.
But no, really... we shot a truly Southern/Scottish wedding. It had the absolute best of both worlds.
Kelly and Adrian were great together. I love it when a couple loves on each other without being asked to! That's how newlyweds should be!!! I also loved how Kelly and Adrian tailored this wedding to include only traditions that they wanted. They left out some of the silly American traditions (bouquet toss, garter toss, etc), and threw in some great Scottish traditions (I will explain those as I go).
Well then, let's jump right in with Cristina's and my own favorites.

Kelly had some awesome details. She said she got a lot of it off of etsy! We love that!
We also love the peacock hair piece that she wore at the reception!

Hey! It's time to get ready, lady!

But wait! What is Adrian doing?!
Oh, it's cool. This is how a REAL man prepares on his wedding day.
Step 1: Wash under fingernails.

Step 2: Wash in and around ears while making sure this is the correct date for your wedding.
(Please note the groom's cap!)

Step 3: Shower with the help of bridesmaid.

So, while Adrian went upstairs to prepare himself in a normal fashion,
Kelly got all dolled up.

Sweet moment with mama.

The flower girls arrived, hugs were exchanged, and the last touches were applied.

Here are some more of the awesome details. Note her earrings and the bridesmaid's broaches.

The guys relaxified in the kitchen with a little redhead named Wendy.
Apparently, SOMEONE in the house knew her personally. =)

Adrian was chill. No stress here. He AND his car/rover-jeep-thing were clean.

So we took Kelly and her girl posse out to get some more details and some bridals.

The bridesmaids cheered Kelly on, while being attacked by a plethora of insects.
Gooo Bridesmaids!

Woohoo at a sexy bride!

I mean, she turned heads EVERYWHERE she went.

aha! We knew he washed this bad-boy for a reason.

Kelly and Adrian opted to do a first sight (LOVE). This way, we got to spend at least a little more time with them.

Note: there really were only 2 photographers. It only appears that there are 57 in these photos because we are stealth ninjas in trees and behind bushes. That's right...that was us rustling in that bush outside your house yesterday.

I'm just kidding.. we weren't at your house yesterday.
But seriously, I do love this shot of Kelly and Adrian.

And Kelly's shoes fit in with their color scheme of orange and blue!
(Adrian is color blind, and those are two colors he can see!)

Every groom deserves a delicious frosty =).

We then headed to one of our favorite venues...Pebble Hill Plantation in Thomasville, GA.
Ahh. If you have never been there, you should go!

You ready for us to blow you away?!!

We sometimes direct our couples to do things to get them to laugh.
This sometimes consists of telling the groom to blow a raspberry on the bride's neck.
Little did we know..Kelly HATES that! hahah.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 of Kelly & Adrian's wedding!