Saturday, January 30, 2010

Amanda + Alan, The Portraits ::A NYC Wedding::

Give these posts some time to load. They are bogged down with too much awesome.

Start from the beginning by clicking on it, silly:
-Day 1 (engagements & dancing)

-Day 2 (getting ready, ceremony, and lunch)

-Day 2 (the portraits)

I realize this shot has been done before, but not by me and not with these fabulous people.

C's view.

my view

I love that you can see the saxophonist here!

You know you are going to love a bride when she tells you she wants to go ice skating in Central Park with her dress on.

For me, it was a bit like "where's waldo?"

LOVE the shot on the right that C got.

My view =D


Kelly said...

L-O-V-E, love, LOVE, love these! NYC is such a magical place and you two really made it come to life through your photos. I know Amanda and Alan will treasure their pictures as I do mine!!! Fantabulous!!!

Pamela said...

I am Amanda's aunt who unfortunately could not be there BUT....I have to say What A Great Job!! I feel that those moments you captured made me feel like I was there!!!! I L-O-V-E them all I'd have to buy them all!!

tammi said...

My face just exploded from all that awesome.

Nice work ladies.

brides parents said...

Mother of the bride didn't cry during ceremony (I think I was too cold)anyway I blubbered like a baby seeing these pics, what an amazing job you girls did and you captured everything they wanted perfectly. Thanks for coming along for the awesome event !!!

Mandy said...

Amazing!!!! I am speechless!!!

Amy Lynn said...

These are some of the post amazing wedding pictures EVER! I wish they were mine. I am green with envy over here.

You ladies did a FABULOUS job!

PeyPey said...

HOLY GEEZ!!!!!! These are incredible! They were the perfect subjects. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL pictures.

Bethany K said...

Stunning. Flawless. Enchanting. Your photos took my breath away. And it wasn't just the amazing background of NYC. You truly are amazing artists. I'm in Augusta, GA and the second I need a photographer, I want you. (I'm gonna start saving my pennies now)

Lindsi Jones Photography said...

You rocked it guys! I want their wedding to be MY wedding. Could there be a better backdrop?

ohana photographers said...

love the last subway shot!

KATE said...

you gals are amazing!! ive thought so ever since being in Katherine Reeves wedding...these are the most amazing wedding pics ive ever seen! I'm so sad that I didnt know you when I got married (MAY JUST HAVE TO RENEW OUR VOWS!) HA! seriously though, these are just amazing! something out of a magazine!

Anonymous said...

WOW WOW WOW! these are some of the most amazing pictures i have ever seen! you ladies did a great job! im about speechless!