Saturday, January 30, 2010

Amanda + Alan , The Ceremony :: A NYC Wedding ::

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Ok, so I kind of secretly fell in love with the men in this salon. They were SO sweet ..and Italian. And it was the kind of Italian that makes you wish you were Italian so that you could go to his house and be in his family for awhile. So Cristina grabbed this image of Amanda having her hair done with my adopted-italian-grandfather-who-doesn't-really-know-it in the foreground, and I love it.

Told you Amanda had GREAT style. Her dress was custom made by the talented Geneva Evans.


Cristina rode in the car with Amanda's family while Lindsi and I ... waited. I was so scared that they would start the ceremony without us. I seriously thought we were going to miss it. But we finally hailed one of those sketchy's cool. We made it.

C grabbed these lovely black and whites!

I love moments that dads and daughters share right before they walk down the aisle together.

Amanda and Alan were married on the Fulton Ferry Landing, and almost all of their immediate families were there to celebrate with them. The excitement on Alan's mom's face makes me smile.

The ceremony was preformed by the uber nice Mary of Elope New York !

That cameraman was so sweet, but I totally wanted to tackle him for being in 85% of all ceremony photos. But it's kind of funny, so I can deal.

Ringbearer was adorable. He even had a raspy little voice. I'm pretty sure I could have become his friend if he would have given me the time of day..

You guys ready? You may now..kiss the bride!

The new family went for a delicious lunch at River Cafe under the bridge. The view was amazing!

I love this shot of Amanda and Alan because I can read her mind in it. She was thinking..
"I can't believe we made it to New York. I can't believe everyone who is supposed to be here is here. I can't believe we are married."

The staff brought the couple a cake of sorts that the ring bearer helped take care of!


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