Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jennifer + Mark ::e-session::

Hey Everyone! Molly here!
Way back in November, we met with Jennifer and Mark for some fun e-session time. I have known this couple since high school. I think Jennifer and Mark started dating around the time my husband and I did...way back when we were young'uns...
Anyway, photographing someone that you know/ used-to know is harder for me because I feel like their expectations are higher. I'm never sure how people I knew in high school will react to me or the unconventional (and sometimes silly) way that I work! However, Mark and Jennifer were totally cool. Same as I remember them (I love when that happens)! They brought their dog-child, Lexie, and grandma to babysit. Lexie is a woman after my own heart. I think she would make great dog-children with our basset, Samson.
On with the story. Jennifer and Mark were super sweet together, and even though Mark was feeling pretty sneezy they spent all afternoon with us. Yay! Plus, we got to shoot in a location that I have been eyeing for a while. Also, we shot at an all-time favorite of mine..Wynfield Plantation.
The employees at Wynfield are SO nice!

On to the photos...

I love Jennifer's natural beauty!

Lexie and Mark, being silly.. Jennifer, being sassy!

Right about here is when a cop asked us if we needed help. What? A nice Albany cop??

I loved this building as a backdrop.

Gah, love this light. Love this couple!

Thanks for spending the afternoon with us Jennifer, Mark, Jennifer's mom, and Lexie-pup!

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tammi nowack said...

How did I miss so many posts? Love these pics, and I love that location! There's a great wheat field nearby there at the end of summer that's gorgeous!

Love your wide angle shots with the trees and the lake. Perfection. :)