Saturday, January 30, 2010

Amanda + Alan, Day 1 :: A NYC Wedding ::

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Hey everyone! Molly here!
Right before Christmas, Cristina and I traveled to New York to photograph Amanda and Alan's winter wonderland of a wedding. Jay-Z once told me that big lights would inspire me (hahaha. it's ok to laugh) , so I was excited about going to the big apple!

While we love to travel, anyone who knows us will tell you that Cristina and I are simpletons when it comes to travel, so we were glad when Lindsi (of Lindsi Jones Photography) decided to come.She had been to New York before and knew where to go and what to shoot.

We planned to spend a couple of extra days in NYC, but a freak snow storm put that to an end to that. The bride called me the night before we were supposed to leave and told me that her flight had been canceled. Then ours was cancelled. Then delayed, and delayed, and switched, etc. Poor Amanda and Alan had to fly to West Palm Beach from Atlanta, then to New York. She texted to let me know they were thinking about just getting married there..where it was warm =). And I can't really blame her when I think about how I almost froze to death several times on that trip.

At one point I thought I might just stop walking and curl up on the side of the road, using the massive pigeons as a headrest. I'm glad I didn't though, because shooting in the snow was AWESOME, Amanda and Alan had this style that was just perfect for us, and I'm thinking we pretty much rocked the proverbial pants off this wedding. I have proof... you ready?

We will start with a day-before/ engagement-type session.

We started off early the first morning walking to the state building to get their marriage license. They had to have it for at least 24 hours before their ceremony.

So they filled out some stuff. People stared at us. And they waited.

Finally, A-22 was called..

It's semi-official.

Nothing like a brisk walk on the Brooklyn bridge to get yourself going in the morning!

Oh! I forgot to tell you that Amanda is a photographer too! Naturally, she had to marry a boy with a killer "serious look".

I LOVE this one. Their kids are gonna have some amazing eyes.

Alan's mom stopped to prepare for a snowball war. I thought it was hilarious. She won. Everyone knew not to mess with her.

Oh, ok so this one is funny (that's why I blogged it). So our main goal in this photo was to get a shot of the family with the Statue of Liberty. I circled it to show you just how badly we failed.

Cristina wins for my Fav shot of the day!

We met up with Alan and Amanda later that night for some Salsa dancing! Which is super cool to me, because where around here are there salsa clubs?! The last time I saw that much salsa dancing was at Cristina's wedding.

Is it weird that I REALLY wanna touch her hair in this picture?

Amanda and her bro cut a rug too.

I was exhausted from watching them dance, so we decided on a couple of more portraits before we completely passed out!


tammi Nowack said...

your favorite=my favorite. :)

Anonymous said...

These two couldn't have chosen any better photographers! Can't wait to see Roxy's!

Lindsi Jones Photography said...

I am so glad I went with you!