Friday, January 8, 2010

Jessie Parks ::Just Because Portrait Session::

Hey everyone.. guess who.. yep. It's Molly.

We met our friend, Jess Parks, in college. She was always super hard-working (which was nice to see in an art department) and always into something. You should have seen this chick's personal calendar. It was quite schizophrenic. Anyway, she was always willing to help with projects and UBER talented. She can draw like it's nobody's business. She's great at graphic design and photography too. You can see her work here. Below is a drawing she did which I snatched from her website.. That's right, adjust your screen settings to "just plain amazing".

"Wish I knew Papaw"

Anyway, Jess contacted us asking about a special portrait session and we immediately knew it wouldn't be "just a portrait session". We weren't familiar with her area, so we asked her to scout some locations since we would literally be just passing through.
So here is how SWEET it was. We drive up to some greenhouses and she hops out of her suv-thing which is LOADED to the brim with chairs, books, teacups, suitcases, shoes, oh..and 14 of her mother's old square-dancing petticoats! I almost had a happy-fit.

Jess styled the whole shoot herself ( Anthro / Anthropologie inspired )and we put everything how we thought it should go. I want to hire Jess as our stylist, but we have to have people who are willing to book her first. Please leave her comments telling her to move to south ga. haha!

ok, feast for your eyes...

Love her pile of shoes..!

Then we went into a slightly less freezing greenhouse, where we hung sheets and petticoats!

Poor Jess was trying to keep warm with the petticoats.

love these..

And I love this one...

and this one..

and this one..

Wish I could look this cool.

She was ready for a change of clothes to a warmer outfit, but it was getting dark really quickly so we had to hurry on these next few.

LOVE this one.

And these (yes, it was very foggy that day)...and cold.

Let me end with some beauti-ful-ness.

Then we stopped 'cause it got really dark and some man tending to his plants was watching us.
But I could have kept going FORR-EHH-VVEEERR (had to throw some sandlot in there).
Thanks Jess for being cooler than everyone else!


Lindsi said...

These a FAB! I love it!

Anonymous said...
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Audrea said...

Amazing shoot! I love it!

Katy said...

i am obsessed with these! OBSESSED!!! those petticoats are the greatest idea ever.

Sarah said...

I am in love love LOVE with this shoot! Amazing! Anthropologie is prob my favorite store ever! I've never actually bought anything in there b/c it's so expensive...but it gives me inspiration. Love it! She is gorgeous!

Peter said...

You take good pictures

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful, she's gorgeous, the backgrounds are wonderful & the clothes just great. You've done a wonderful job.

Anonymous said...

I love the use of color in these. Great modeling!

tammi nowack said...

You 3 make a good team! Already told you on your FB, but I think this is some of your best work ever.


PeyPey said...

Ummm...these are incredible!

Beth Morgan said...

You KNOW what these do to my retina...there is actually a smile on them right now :).