Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jessie + Brandon, Part 1 ::Lawrenceville , GA Wedding Photography::

Hey everyone! Molly here!

Last month we traveled to Lawrenceville, GA for Jessie and Brandon's beautiful Christmas wedding.
Most of the time, we meet our bride and groom before their wedding, but we met these two on the night of their rehearsal. We were so relieved to find two of the sweetest people ever greeting friends and family members who had traveled in for their wedding. They greeted us like we were guests, and made sure we had everything we needed. Then, we were excited to work with them.

It was SO cold and misting rain on and off all day on the day of their wedding, but they were troopers. We actually tried to keep Jessie inside for the most part, because I thought she was going to turn into a smiling ice-cycle. Even through all the torture we put them through they never stopped smiling. The ceremony was held at the Historic Gwinett Courthouse and the reception was held at Summit Chase Country Club in Snellville .

Also, thanks Brandon (and groomsmen) for all you do!
Now, for the eye candy..

Early-morning hair dressin'.

I believe Jessie made her jewelry! ... I think I remember that..I may be wrong.

I LOOVE this shot that Cristina grabbed of the fellas!

Ok, so I rarely do collages on the blog, but I loved this series so much that I had to put them all up somehow. Jessie and Brandon had a GREAT first sight. She giggled the whole time. It was uber cute and very sweet. I love the shots of her giggling!

Ok, so to explain the photo on the left (that I find funny).. We sometimes tell our couples to do a huge fake laugh (left) which is usually always followed by real laughter (right) at how goofy you may have looked.

Beautiful Couple...

You can't see her shivering, can you ?! =)

Love this shot that C grabbed.

Right, the boys practiced SO hard to make sure they got this right during the ceremony!

No, those aren't bridesmaids, they're ice sculptures painted to look like bridesmaids being "sassy".

They all look excited because they are warm.

Jessie and her Sis & Jessie and her Flowergirl

LOVE this one.

Ceremony time!
I thought it was super sweet that Brandon walked his mom down the aisle.

They had awesome instrumentalists and soloists!

Why yes, I was hiding behind the flower arrangements!

Jessie and Brandon set their ceremony apart in many ways. It was one of the best ceremonies ever. I really think it was. One of the different things is that everyone (even the guests) sang a congregational hymn that was printed in the program.

And yes! the guys DID sing. I could hear them.

All that practicing paid off!

Stay tuned for part 2 of their wedding day!

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skillz. you two have got mad skillz. LOVE these!