Monday, June 1, 2009

Rachel + Grant ::Bogart, GA

WARNING: This is another long post..please be patient as the pictures load. Sing a good song aloud to the nearest person while you wait.

Hi everyone! Molly here! Last month, Cristina and I headed up to Bogart , Georgia for Rachel and Grant's wedding. We love Rachel...She was the most organized bride I have ever met. Seriously.. We always give our brides an information sheet to fill out, and we always tell them "The more information we know, the better." Well, Rachel sent us a whole packet of information back. I wish I had even half of her organizational skills!
Cristina and I had a hard time picking favorites, but here they are!

Venue (& Flowers): The fabulous On Guest, Thompson House & Gardens
Coordinator: The wonderful, Kristina Armstrong , My Bride Idea
The DJ: Athens DJ
The Cake: Cecilia Villaveces Cakes. Ok, so the cake site said "reported Attack site!!!" when I went to it. eeek. But the cake was good.

Now then... On with the show!

Mrs. On Guest of the Thompson House & Gardens did a GREAT job with the flowers.

Rachel and her dad took a minute to practice their special dance...

Rachel's shoes were girafferific! Yep, I'm a dork.

Love, Love, Love her dress! (Oh by the way..Cristina and I always bet on what the bride's dress will look like. Lately, I have been wrong, but I was dead-on for Rachel.. Cristina loses. haha.)

She had a really sweet bunch of ladies to help her out.

Rachel & Grand decided to do a first sight. I am SO glad they did, because we got to spend a good amount of time with them. Everyone was so relaxed, and we got the photos finished before the rain moved in. Plus...first sights are just SO sweet!

Cristina's view through the bamboo.

And mine... (love first reactions)

Then, Rachel gave Grant a very special gift (It's cool, we won't tell).

How cute are they???

As you can see, the Thompson House had a lot of really great places for photos.

I know he probably hears it all the time, but I think Grant looks a lot like Hugh Grant.

I kept expecting him to burst out in a really romantic English accent...but he didn't =(.

My favorite!

So I mentioned that Rachel was organized, but did I tell you about all the details she had planned? Wowza at the details! I looove them.
Left: Flip Flops/ "Dancing Shoes" Bin
Right: Gift Table present.

Left: Necessities/ Toiletries for the guests (Tylenol, hair spray, you name it)
Right: Rachel created an account with Shutterfly and provided her account details with her guests on little tags, asking her guests to upload their own photos so that everyone could share.

They also had a coffee & cookie bar. Cristina's favorite thing is coffee, and my favorite thing is cookies! I think I burst into The Cure's "Just like Heaven" while eating them.
Also, everything ..and I do mean everything (even underwear) was monogrammed ;).

If you look closely, you can tell that I may have taken a bite of the cookie prior to this photo being taken. Ahhh the details..

So, about an hour before the ceremony, God decided it was time for a shower/flood.
Rachel & Grant had planned for a beautiful outside wedding, but suddenly it looked like that wouldn't happen.

Here she is watching her guests arrive/ run for cover...she was so calm.

Rachel was the calmest bride ever. No sweat! Kristina (the coordinator) her crew, and Mrs. On (Thompson house coordinator) just moved it inside the new facility space at Thompson House. It was just as beautiful as they had planned it (and everyone stayed dry).

Then, it was time for a party (and good food) .

I love how proud Grant's dad looks as he was watching his son dance with his new bride.

Rachel and her daddy coordinated an awesome little ditty. It was a cha-cha / shag combo I believe?

The weather calmed down. Here is a shot of the Thompson House. You can see the guests enjoying the coffee/ cookie bar on the porch.

(You know I couldn't resist ring shots)

The cake looked yummy.

EVERYONE was ready to dig in.

The party really got going when Rachel's sorority sisters did a special song and dance for her.

Here, Rachel blows out the candle that she and her sisters passed around.

They changed and had their last dance...

I love watching how the guests react to these kinds of things.

Rachel's dad restored this car himself. I was uber impressed.

Bye, bye Rachel & Hugh... I mean... Grant!!!

Thanks for letting us be a part of your big day!


Sarah said...

I love them all! They are so cute! Rachel is such a pretty person inside and out. And Molly...I think you're dead on with the Hugh Grant thing! You guys did an awesome always!

My Bride Idea said...

The pictures are beautiful!!! I can't wait to see them all. You two truly have a gift and I hope to work together again soon. :)

Kayla said...

Great images! I love all her details!

greta, smitten said...

so good! and i LOVE that first first look shot!!!