Friday, June 26, 2009

Sarah + Mattison Part 1 :: Thomasville, GA Wedding Photography::

Hey Everyone! Molly here!
Cristina and I photographed Sarah and Matt's wedding at the end of May at the home of the bride's sweet grandmother. Sarah and Matt have got to be one of the sweetest couples ever. I know we say this about a lot of our couples, but it was different with them. They made me tear up several times that day with their sweetness, and it was really hard to see through my viewfinder! Their love of each other, of life, of God, and family is super super abundant and completely obvious = perfect for each other. Also, I think that I will start attending their family functions, because their families are a lot of fun! Do you think anyone would notice one more person?
There was a downpour a couple of hours before the wedding. It was supposed to rain all afternoon, but with a whole lot of prayer the clouds headed North, and we only had a couple of threats from thunder. Now then, on to part one of Sarah and Matt.

We'll start off with some details...

Sorry, we thought this was hilarious...

Man, it would be nice to have sisters like this!

Flower gal gettin' all dolled up.

Ok, so we went a little crazy with ring shots due to the amount of cool things in the house.
This is possibly my fav ring shot ever.

Sarah was "not" worried about the rain. It was POURING outside and there were 300 guests coming for an outdoor wedding! But did she sweat? nope. Did I? yep.
The show went on as her sister continued to steam some dresses.

And then she "got her hair did".

Matt gave her a really sweet gift.

Personally, I liked the bridal mohawk...I think it would have rocked down the aisle.
To the right, the flower girl modeled for me in the hall.

We learn a lot of makeup tips and tricks during wedding days...In fact, sometimes we forget to take photos because we are too busy being mesmerized by the makeup process.
And everyone has their "makeup face"
However, this is a new one...

Sarah's family has great genes. She never has to worry about aging. This is her great grandmother who was watching her get ready.

Then it was time to put the dress on. Dad came to give his girl a hug.

Meanwhile, upstairs, the guys were being very GQ...and silly.

Don't you look suave.

Sarah and Matt chose to do a first sight, which we love because guys generally show more emotion than they would in front of 300 guests.
This is Matt's "I'm about to see Sarah as my bride" face!

Here she comes!

Then, she said his name, he turned around and walked to her, they hugged, and I cried...a lot.
I love the photo on the right of grandma and great-grandma trying to sneak a peak of the first sight.

Did I mention how sweet they are?

Ok, ok, enough of that.. now on to the portraits!

Ummm. This little guy was my favorite. I have a thing for ring bearers. I hope I have a little boy this cute and expressive(one day). What a ham.

I'm tellin' you. These ladies were America's Next Top Model material.
Even the flower girl had attitude.

Silly & Sweet

You know you've got a good guy when he holds your compact for you.

Please Stay Tuned for Part 2 of Sarah and Matt's Wedding...I'm about to post it!

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