Saturday, June 13, 2009

Little Miss Jenna

Hi everyone! Molly here!
A couple of weeks ago, Cristina and I had a play date with two-year old Jenna and her mom. She was such a charming kiddo! I love two year olds because you NEVER know what kind of attitude you are going to get or how long they will cooperate, but Jenna did great! I love her sweet little curls and chubby cheeks. Jenna was very excited about bubbles and balloons, and so were we!
Here are Cristina and my favorites from little miss Jenna's shoot.

What a little super model!

Jenna had this very cute way of sucking her thumb/ hand. haha!

Balloons?! ::insert little girl laugh and squeal here::

When she was blowing/eating bubbles she actually said "WHOOOOOOO" as she would blow.

Jenna got tired of us, so we got mom in there for a few shots. This was when Jenna was the happiest!

Thanks for the play date, Jenna and mom!


Mary Anne said...

really beautiful! Love your style, and the carefree feeling I get from this shoot :)

Kelly said...

What a beautiful child! Love the editing!

Beth Morgan said...

I'm digging the post processing on these! Are you using some of those yummy actions I gave you :). She is adorable!

Jessica Wylie said...

loving that tutu! and those cheeks!