Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Selena :: Albany, GA Senior Session ::

Hey Everyone! Molly here!

Yay for senior season! Not that I don't love all of our brides and grooms, but sometimes we just need to see other people (its not you, it's me). Well, my pal over at Tammi Nowack Photography handed this senior over to us ( because she was moving) and i'm so glad she did! Selena was awesome! Her freckles were SO CUTE, and I love that she didn't try to hide them. She brought her boyfriend, Anthony, along to keep her giggling. And he did. He's an okay guy, even though he tried to convince me he has double eyelids. :)

Meet Selena!

This is her personal fan carrier, hair brusher off face-r.

The one on the right is one of my favorites.

This alleyway had such yummy light!

I feel like this might need to be a giant canvas somewhere.

Look how cute they are.. aww.


Selena is a dancer, so we wanted to do something fun and dramatic with her in a tutu (I think that's what you call it!)

Cristina busted out some lighting for some uber drama.

Thanks Selena and Anthony, for following us around in the hot hotness of Albany!


Karyn said...

So awesome! These are wonderful.

tammi nowack said...

Love, love, LOVE 'em!! How could you choose a favorite?!

Ok, I can.

I think it's#29.

or #9 and #10

Or #17 or #24

Fab work. So glad it worked out for you guys to get together. :)