Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chelsey + Josh :: Savannah, GA Engagement Session ::

Hey everyone! Molly here!

Last month we met up with Chelsey and Josh in Savannah for some engagement photos. We had already rescheduled with them because of rain, so we decided to take our chances and head over that way. It ALWAYS rains when we go to Savannah, and little did we know that a storm was following us. We were able to get a few photos out of the way before the storm hit. We literally ducked into a little Greek restaurant to get out of the rain when we were whisked away to a table and served flaming cheese. It was quite amazing. I was kind of glad for the storm, because we had never met Chelsey and Josh before and it was really nice to get to know them. I think everyone was a little more relaxed after the storm passed, and happier with cheese and hummus in our bellies. Chelsey and Josh are a really hot couple. Even the otters and dolphins think so.

We were strongly encouraged to get off this dock, but they looked so cute on it...

LOVE this shot that C got. Isn't Chelsey gorgeous?

We had an audience. I couldn't resist some dry humor. Someone out there, please laugh.

We can't wait to work with you guys on your wedding day! Thanks for introducing us to flaming cheese!

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