Friday, August 27, 2010

Jessie :: Albany, GA Senior Photography ::

Hey Everyone! Molly here!

I have been keeping Jessie in suspense, on purpose. I am getting her back from that time she threatened to fire me when she was 8. She had the power to do so too. I have known this kiddo since she could say " Occasionally " (I just lol-ed ). Anyway, she has grown into an absolutely beautiful person. I love her eyes. No I didn't photoshop them. I was really excited when she chose me to do her senior photos!

She was like "EWWW. Gross. It's dirty and there are roaches." But I was like "This is AMAZING!"

Ok, so when she was little, as punishment, her dad would threaten to make her pick up sticks in the back yard. She usually cried, so I automatically thought, "This kid is a pansy. What a brat." But then I saw the size of her yard and I wanted to cry for her. What a great punishment!
(ps. I don't think she actually ever had to pick up sticks.)
Here she is removing a limb for me.

This one might be my fav.

Ok, this one might be my fav?

It's hard to believe how grown up she is. It's also hard to believe that someone who looks so innocent could be so proficient in the shaw-nah-shah-nocky hold of death.


smittengreta said...

love these!! rockitOUT red fly!! :D

tammi nowack said...

Love these = your black and whites are superb and Jessica is gorgeous. I'll have to be sure to show these to Steve since she played basketball for him. :)

smittenamber said...

very nice! i love her red shoes! :)