Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Katie + Chris Part 1 :: Twin City , GA Wedding Photography ::

Hey Everyone! Molly here!
Last month, Cristina and I headed up to Twin City to photograph Chris and Katie's beautiful plantation wedding at Beaver Creek Plantation. Everything was fantastic from the food to the views. The couple, their families, and friends were all very welcoming and we felt like we had walked into family reunion or something. This was the first time either of us had met Katie or Chris; however, we KNEW we would like Katie from the first time she emailed us. .. she used the word "whimsy".

Katie and Chris are totally people that I could have hung out with all day (if it weren't for them getting married, it being so hot, and me having an allergic reaction to know.. those things). I don't know another couple who can keep each other laughing, be so in love, and can work Will Ferrell quotes into everyday conversations.

Here are some of our favorites from their day!

Katie started the day out by hanging with her girls. Her great dane , Allie (the flower girl) was on hand to keep everyone laughing.

And to "clean" my camera lens every 45 seconds.

Katie had a little hair drama, but nothing that couldn't be fixed by two talented hair dressers.

A few of their great details. Anyone wanna guess where they went to college? :)

Not only did they have fans for their guests, they made a crossword puzzle about the couple to put on the fan while they wait for the ceremony to start. LOVE this idea for a July wedding.

Both Cristina and I LOVED her style.

While the girls (minus Allie) took a few hours to get ready, Chris and his buddies took about 5 minutes. He also had the responsibility of taping up Allie's whip / tail.

I thought this was hilarious. Allie sat and watched the boys from the couch. AHAHA!

Katie and Chris chose to do a first sight.

Awww. They're so cute.

Not sure why, but I love the one on the left.

This one that C grabbed is great!

BAHAHAHA! See what I mean? They kept us laughing ..even in the sweltering heat.

You NEED to check out Part 2 of Chris and Katie's wedding for the ceremony and reception.

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