Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shannon + Jamie ::Thomasville, GA::

Hey Everyone! Molly here!
Last month we photographed Shannon and Jamie's wedding at Myrtlewood Plantation in Thomasville. The morning started off beautifully but had severe mood swings throughout the day. It went from hot to steamy to sauna to rain to bright to uber bright, repeat. I was a little worried about the rain, but Shannon had nerves of steel! I really liked Shannon and her bridesmaids who were super sweet and very welcoming. Cristina and I had photographed the couple's engagement session ( click here to see it ) earlier in the year, so we knew they would be great together!

Here are our favs from the day..

Shannon and her girls started out at a hair salon where we are always
entertained by the hair artists.

I dunno why, but I think she is so cute!

After her hair was finished, we all headed to the plantation to finish getting ready.

It never hurts to have an angel with you on your wedding day..

I had to wait for my lens to de-fog before shooting these outside shots. It was SO hot and humid. I never would have guessed it was October.

Shannon was a natural in front of the camera. We kept saying "ok now move your .." and before we could finish she had already moved to an awesome new pose.

Look at little miss cutie flower girl. This is Harmony. Isn't she stunning?

Over at the clubhouse, Jamie was getting boot-i-fied!

We have had several of these fellas in bridal parties in the they know what to expect when they see us coming..they know we'll drop a 'bow in 'em if they don't behave for like 15 minutes at least.

I love this shot of baby Conner and Jamie. Poor Conner was not feeling well AT ALL.
He had been running a fever all week and was in no mood for photos.
I felt bad for Jamie and Shannon, too because they were worried about him.
I love this daddy moment.

We love granddadies. We caught Jamie's granddad watching him prepare for his wedding.

LOVED all of the tiffany blue details!

And then it was time to get our ceremony on!

Shannon and Jamie's wedding was beautiful, but super brief. According to my camera times, it was about 5 minutes. Hey, They knew how they felt about each other!

I loved this shot of Shannon and her brother during family photos.
The tears in her eyes are so sweet, and the way he is looking at her just makes me melt!

We stole the newlyweds for a couple of photos after family shots.
We loove the cypress trees..can you tell? It was pretty much the only shade around.

Awww. They're so cute.

I love this shot that Cristina grabbed.
Jamie was about to slap us because it was sauna-like inside his tux, but we got the job done.

Time to cut the cake(s)! mmm.

A little first-dance never hurt anyone.

Conner was most impressed by the garter and bouquet throws.. By this time, he had gotten hot and fussy (and still wasn't feeling well),
so gramma stripped him down to his undies. It's cool 'cause he works out.

We knew there would be a party. It was inevitable with this crazy bridal party.
It got a little insane when I got on a table to get some shots of the party-animals.
haha! LOVED these shots.

Cristina and I had a very good time analyzing everyone's face in in this photo by zooming in and creating dialogues. We especially got a good giggle by the fact that Jamie covered up a guest's face on accident. Yep! The Thomasville crowd definitely knows how to celebrate.

Uh-oh..who gave these fellas sticks with fire on the end?!

Shannon and Jamie, thanks for letting us party with you guys!

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