Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Hey everyone! Molly here!
A couple of weeks ago, Cristina and I met up with the lovely (soon-to-be) Marsh family for an engagement session. We started at a really cute bookstore downtown, called The Bookshelf.
(Everyone should check them out!)
Shannon and Jamie brought their little sweetie, Connor.
I really wanted to pinch his cheeks, but I refrained.
These are a few of both Cristina's edits and mine!

Connor is the best wedding planner ever!

After we left downtown, we headed out to one of our favorite fields.

How cute are they?!

I'm so glad they were up for anything. I think Shannon looks super hot in this one.

The below two are before and after. The first one is straight out of the camera, no post-processing. We used pocket wizards and a 580EX for off camera lighting.


AFTER: (just a little pop..nothin' crazy!)

We really enjoyed working with these two and we cannot wait for their wedding in October!


greta, smitten photos said...

love the one with the baby where he's holding their hands! what a cute fam!!!

Tammi Nowack Photography said...

Yup, I 2nd that! i love the one of them holding the baby's hands - too cute and the angle is so fun.