Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Hey guys! Molly here! Just thought I would post a couple of pictures from my family's Thanksgiving. I didn't take many...I was too busy shoveling delicious food down my throat. The beauty of being newly married is that you get to eat twice on Thanksgiving, a different feast, equally delicious. The first feast was hosted at my Aunt Joy's house, then we drove back to Valdosta where my mom-in-law cooked up a yummmy dinner (that could have fed the whole neighborhood). My husband and I were what we like to call "miserably content". Anyway, I was too busy discovering sausage balls and trying not to fall asleep at TJ's parent's house, so here are a few from my aunt's gathering.

First, we dealt with road rage!! I love Libby's expression!

They were being rather civil! (Until Libby tried to steal Addie's pine straw. haha!)

My uncles absolutely adore their grandbabies. Meet Tess and "Poppy".

If anyone was wondering where I get my strangeness, it comes from my father (for the most part). He was lounging in the sun..fully clothed..while everyone else sat on the porch. Love him though...strangeness and all.

My mom brings my wedding photos everywhere with her...even to Cracker Barrel... Here, Uncle Dick, Aunt Jean, and Nana, pretend to be interested. That couch is packed with 3 of the sweetest people ever!

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greta, smitten photography said...

these are so sweet. i've really enjoyed blog stalking everyone's thanksgivings! :)