Monday, December 8, 2008

Andrea + Ben :: Milledgeville, GA

Andrea & Ben were married at the Chapel of All Faiths in Milledgeville. They were a lot of fun, and super sweet!

Andrea's sister, Erica, making sure her hair was still in place.
I don't think it's going anywhere =).

The dress.

I already knew 2 of the bridesmaids from a wedding last fall!
All of these girls were so much fun to work with! And the kiddos were cute too (yep, they are twins).

Andrea rocked it in a short portrait session! (You know I couldn't resist a little lens flare.)

The ceremony.

A little somethin' different, but I liked it!

By the time the ceremony was over, it was pitch black outside, except for some eerie green lights that would only make good portraits for the hulk. So I did mostly silhouettes, but I really liked how they turned out. The one on the right is my fav, because the moment before the kiss is sexy too.

The reception had a little tenderness and a little craziness.
The ring bearer had some dance moves!

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Beth Morgan said...

Yay for Red Fly...Gorgeous images.