Friday, December 12, 2008

Rollin' in the grass...Adventures of Beth, Cristina, and Molly...

So, Cristina and I met another Thomasville photographer a couple weeks back, Beth Morgan.
We had a play date...laughed and loved photography...and rolled in the grass.

Beth rockin' her turquoisey shades.

with her hilarity.

and funkiness.

Then it was Cristina's turn to be modelishous.

My favorite photo of Cristina..possibly ever!

I think she just brought sexy back.

Then it was Beth's turn!

with intensity...fierce! & My favorite of her from the day!

Whachoo think 'bout our fake snow? ;)


Beth Morgan said...

Damn got finished before I did :). I'm not even half way through. These look great. You made me look pretty.

Can't wait to play again on Thursday. Ya'll are so much fun! Really, I heart ya'll.

ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

love all the shots in the grass! it's always fun to shoot beautiful people!

Abby said...

The pictures are really great. I especially like the 3rd one (Beth)...very old Hollywood-ish..very cool!

Except...and I apologize Beth for sounding preachery...but, the camera only records an image like it "sees" it. No one "made you look pretty" are pretty.

Molly...I love these.
Anna Laine (Of course I cannot remember my own dedgum password...)

Morgan said...

I'm a friend of Beth's and I second Abby's comment! Beth you look amazing! Great photos, ladies - you are true artists. Keep it up!