Monday, December 1, 2008

Ansley + Kyle

Ansley and Kyle were married in Dacula, GA!
We love this group of girls (most of them were already used to us from previous weddings)...which we love. Also, a big thanks to Ansley's mom and sisters for making us feel welcome and feeding us (we love when people do that). Ok, on to the previews.

Ansley's Great great grandfather brought a lace veil to his daughter from Brussels in 1920. It has been worn in bridal portraits ever since. This is an arrangement of the portraits. Ansley in the lace veil is to the right.

Ansley's sister watches as she gets her hair purtified.

Then, Ansley read Kyle's note, which made everyone in the room cry.
I'm so glad I have a camera to hide behind!

The boys were killah in their portraits.

The boys watched a movie while the girls finished getting dressed.

The delivery of the bride & the delivery of the kiss!

Favorite jumping shot!

The first dance.

The mother/son/father/daughter dance.

Then Ansley broke out her awesome dance moves..which I'm guessing is the reason Kyle married her. ; )


Charlotte Justine said...

Absolutely beautiful, as usual! The ring picture, in particular, is great!

Tammi Nowack Photography said...

Favorite. Ring Shot.

Beautiful work!

ohana photographers - david & kimi said...

haha that ring shot is too cute!!