Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nicole and Heath's Wedding

Hey Cristina here.Here are some photos from Nicole and Heath's wedding. Although, I was feeling sick the whole day, I think I captured some pretty neat shots.  They were such a beautiful and sweet couple.  Nicole just graduated from GCSU and is now a nurse. Any patient that she will deal with is going to be very lucky. She is so sweet and makes you feel like you've been friends for a long time. Congrats you two! Thanks for including us on your special day!

Molly used her cool macro lens on this one!
Here's another neat one that Molly did. Mac Cosmetics rocks Nicole's world! They did an awesome job.
 Another cool one by Molly. I was feeling rough at this point.  It's always nice to have a partnership in photography. When one of us is feeling rough, the other is there to pull more of the weight. Thanks Molly!
I took this shot after the wedding. I'm very proud of it. We just got Totally Rad Actions, recently. We're having fun trying them out. We've been wanting the actions for a long time. We're taking our photography to the next level. yay!

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Nicole said...

beautiful....just beautiful! what talent you two have. I'm so excited!