Thursday, June 12, 2008

How much is that Album in the window? Woof Woof

This one is definitely on my wish list. It looks so yummy :)

I've been looking into album companies out there, because I know we'll be making some in the future. Here are a few companies that I ran across. Everyone should take a look when they have a chance. Maybe you might see the style that fits you. and . I'm going to keep looking into others to see what all is out there.


Sharon said...

There's also mypublisher, I used them to make an album and it turned out really well. They have a few templates you can choose from, including a wedding case you want to check them out!

Red Fly Studio said...

Hey Sharon!
Thanks so much for you comment!I checked mypublisher out and those are very nice. I also love that they are very, very affordable. I love that they have lots of cover colors too. I'm being drawn to the sage color. It just looks clean and crips, like a piece of lettuce or cucumber. haha just joking. Thanks for taking the time out and leaving us with some of your wisdom!