Monday, May 3, 2010

Jenn + Ryan , Part 1 ::Acworth, GA Wedding Photographer::

Hey everyone! Molly here!
Last month, Cristina and I drove up to Acworth, GA for Jennifer and Ryan's wedding at the Atlanta Yacht Club. We already knew we would love Jenn and Ryan, because they completely melted my lens ( in a good way ) during their engagement session . I KNOW they watch ANTM. :)

It was obvious that they were surrounded by some of their best friends on the day of their wedding. It was one of our smoothest wedding days, ever...and for that we are very thankful. Also, huge shout out to Jenn and Ryan's families for really putting the family touch to the wedding and for being awesome in general.

Ok, get ready to fall in love with Jenn and Ryan falling in love.

Checking out her immaculate timeline...which was actually followed! =D

Jenn and Ryan wrote each other notes and had us exchange them. Ryan told me that they were very similar in what they wrote each other.

These two chose to do a first sight, which gave us plenty of time to work with them...which is like crack to us. I mean, if we knew what crack was like..?

When Jenn got right beside him, Ryan pretended like he wasn't going to look. And she was all, "You better!" (not really)

Ryan and Jenn brought a lot of props (::swoons::) including an old International truck that he and his dad restored together..

While most people can either do a really good serious face OR a good smile/laugh.. Jenn and Ryan could do both. And they could turn it on and off like a light switch.

Yeah I know.. we love them too. So stay tuned for more of J + R in part 2! (click here)

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