Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Amy + Josh Part 1 :: St. George Island Wedding Photographer ::

Hey Everyone! Molly here!
At the beginning of the month we traveled to St. George Island for Amy and Josh's wedding. I know I'm biased for beach weddings, but I think it was pretty awesome! Amy and Josh were up for anything, totally in love, and they have the best smiles EVER. We had a really hard time narrowing down for the blog, so this is a 2 part-er.

Here are a few favs from their beautiful wedding.

We always joke about how guys have it easy on the wedding day. 5 minute shower, 5 minute prep, and they are ready to go! Josh spent the morning kayaking with his buddies in the FREEZING ocean. He was pretty good (I won't mention that time he wiped out)!

Family and friends had a chance to chillax on the beach the morning of the wedding.

Meanwhile, the girls were having fun beginning the preparations.

Sadie, the honorary flower-dog, took a nap or two.

Amy, from Bayside Florist and St. George Island Weddings did a stellar job on the flowers.

While we usually do "first sight"s with the bride and groom, it was important for this bride to have a moment with her dad. It was very sweet. We all TRIED not to cry.

Meanwhile the boys were practicing their GQ poses.

Back at the beach house, Sadie was gettin' some lovin' from "mom".

As the guests started arriving for the ceremony, so did the fog!
Cristina and I have shot in just about all weather conditions from tornado warnings to snow to south GA humidity, but never mist like this. It was trippy!

I like his facial expression. It says, "You ready to do this?!"

Cristina and I both agree that Amy wins the award for best facial expressions from a bride. Love it!

While I LOVE those beach portraits above, ::in movie man voice:: stay tuned for the most eye melting marsh love ever... in .... PART 2 .
duh duh duh (theme music)

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Erin said...

Beautiful pictures! She does have a great smile. Any idea where they rented their ceremony benches???