Friday, March 19, 2010

Photog Shootout :: Ashley + Joseph::

Hey Everyone! Molly here!

I'm feeling a little under-the-weather today, so I asked Cristina to go to tomorrow's wedding rehearsal without me. Meanwhile, I thought I would blog while I rest. Last month, about 20-something photographers got together to shoot some folk and talk about photography. It was a lot of fun! I'm glad Ursula and Charlotte put it together for us.

It was a challenge for us to shoot and not bump elbows or feel like we were getting in someone's way, but it was also very interesting so see how others worked. It looked a bit like this:

Why is that person blurred out, like in an episode of COPS, you ask?

Because she was nude.

. . (wait for it) . .

Just kidding. It is a bride whose wedding we are photographing tomorrow; therefore, we aren't posting any of her quite yet (come back Sunday for those).

This post is all about some Ashley and Joseph. This couple is hot stuff. Ashley has a natural beauty that I LOVE, and clearly so does Joseph.

Thanks for being so in-love you guys!

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