Monday, March 15, 2010

A couple of shots...

Hey everyone. Guess who?

Ok, so yesterday we had a couple of really fun shoots and I couldn't wait to show you just a teeny tiny sneak peak of each. We had a blast with 3 besties, 2 lovers, 2 well-trained dogs, and 1....Noe =).

First up, We loved Bunny, R.J. , and their pups.. Toby, Dolly, and Noe. Bunny and R.J. are into photography (their website) , so we know they would be amazing to shoot. Bunny also runs the Thomasville Townie .. a great blog about what is going on in the area!

Ok, there were SO many favs, but I quickly chose 3. There are plenty more to come!

We also met 3 bffls , who were silly, hot, and super fun! Meet Sarah, Jamie, and Whitney!

I loooved this shot that I quickly grabbed. It was very "them" to me.. Love Whitney and Jamie's facial expressions!

"Whatchoo doin in mah grassy area?!"

They're super hot...see?

Ladies, plenty more to come...

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Amy Lynn said...

As usual, you guys did a great job! I love the first shot of the cute couple and doggies! And those three besties are adorable. Great pics!