Friday, April 2, 2010

A little Bunny for your Easter weekend with some RJ on the side...

Hey Everyone! Molly here!
Happy Easter weekend everyone! I know we posted a sneakeroo of Bunny and R.J. a couple of weeks ago, but now we have much more eye candy for your basket of yum. Is this too many Easter puns? Should I stop now? Ok, but .. I mean... we just liked these two SO much. THIS is the style we love to shoot. Take notes everyone.

Here we go!

Bunny's eyes are amazing. I didn't do even anything special to them!

Love these next two!

A few family photos! Toby, Dali, and Noe added into the mix!

A little pocket wizardry...

A man and his pups.. it's love.

-- Toby --- Dali -- oldie but goody

One of my favs! Bunny and RJ were very patient with us trying to get this kite shot. Cristina nailed it!

Who knew paddle ball could be so dangerous and frustrating?! haha!

And a little something different..

Have a great weekend everyone!


smittengreta said...

these are SO GOOD!!!!! i can tell you had fun taking them! i've got to stop by more often, i've been a naughty blog stalker, falling down on the job lately!

PeyPey said...

Holy geez. I LOVE - no, love isn't the right word but I can't figure out a better word - the one where his tan jacket just kind of blends into the background. Mystifying. Beautiful work ladies.