Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sarah + Clint ::Moultrie, GA::

Hey Everyone! Molly here!

You may look at these photos and think "Didn't she marry another guy last month?"

But you would be mistaken! That was her twin sister, Abby. You can see her post ( here ).

I love how even though these girls are twins and had their weddings in the same place, they were completely different. Sarah and Abby used some of the same things in both of their weddings, but you would have never known it!

While most sisters would fight about who would get married first, especially if it was only a month's difference, Sarah used it as a learning opportunity. She said she learned things she liked and things she wanted to change to fit her own personality better. And I think she did great! Once again, the people of the church and community came together to celebrate with Clint and Sarah. The ladies that helped, deserve a pat on the back, because everything came together beautifully.

Well, here are mine and Cristina's favorites!

She was so relaxed! You never would have known she had a ton of tests at school the week before! Try school AND planning a wedding!


First Sight LOVE.

Everyone! Stop what you're doing and take out your fan...because it's about to get hot up in this blizzog. -- that's right. i said it.

Cristina took this at the same time I took the one below this (on the right).

mmmm. love these. i can't pick a fav.

K. so, i lied. I CAN pick a favorite. and here it is. Cristina's shot wins.
Also I think it is fair to say that Sarah is sexy.

It threatened to rain the whole time we were out there, but that makes for nice moody shots like these...

Ok. Soo. Cristina was taking these...

while I was taking this...

C grabbed this as we were heading back to the van. Farmers had pulled their tractors over to watch. haha. love moultrie.

C decided to play with shutter, and we loved the end result.
(Bridesmaids were walking back and forth behind him)

Ceremony time?!

Sarah's nephew helped give her away. Imagine a barely audible little voice saying "I do" after the preacher asked "who gives this bride..."

On to the reception!

It started to POUR right before they were supposed to leave..in a carriage.
Luckily, carriage driver does not melt.

Quick shot before they leave...

Thanks for letting us be a part of your big day!!

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tammi said...

Love the one you got in the field with the groom in the background - wowza! And your detail shots are faboo.