Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baby Grey


Hey Everyone! Molly here!
Cristina and I love weddings because it is the beginning of a new branch on a family tree. We photographed Bailey and Cameron's wedding in September of 2007. We loved their families, and we were so happy and honored when they called us to photograph their own little family. There was one hitch..they live a few hours away. But, they love us, so Bailey and Cameron packed baby Grey up in their car and drove to see us one afternoon. They spent all afternoon with us, and we LOVED it. It's great getting to know a bride and groom the first time, but I think it's even cooler when you see them growing together!!

I cannot tell you how good Grey was. He barely fussed, and we did a 2 hour shoot (with breaks of course). That is a LOOONG shoot for a one year old. He did so well, and I'm really glad we finally got to meet him.

Cristina and I tried to come up with a plan to steal him..She was going to distract Bailey and Cameron and then I was going to grab Grey and run.. Then I realized that Bailey had the diaper bag, so we left it at that. Anywhooo, our favs...

It took just a minute to get Grey warmed up to the tall grass that we plopped him in, but with the help of mom and dad, he was all smiles.

Sometimes, babies are happier without shoes on. But they were too cute to go unnoticed.

Watching people attempt to entertain a baby is entertainment in itself. Thanks, mom, for helping us keep baby happy! (notice Grey NOT paying attention to mom)

Chubby cheeks...want to kiss the cheeks.

In the photo on the right, they were laughing at Grey's favorite pastime (sticking his tongue out).
I've seen a lot of kids his age do that. I wonder why!

Ooooo. Then we went to our STUDIO. That's right, our first official shoot inside the studio.
Not with studio lighting, but natural..
(also..look at our floors!)
Anyway, here we learned that Grey has a fascination with doors and lights.
Maybe he will be an engineer!

He is still getting a hold of the whole concept of walking, but he did great other than a few wobbles.

Love this one..

haha! ohhh the tongue. =D

A few sweet photos of Bailey lovin' on Grey.
( I'm so jealous. )

Ok, now I have to go chant " you do not want a baby.. babies smell and cost money" over and over again until I get this cutie out of my head.

Thanks Grey, Bailey, and Cameron for driving to see us and spend the day with us!!

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Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said...

you absolutely and utterly cracked me up with your witty *warning* at the top of this post! i love your blog!