Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Laila + Mik ::Savannah, GA::

Hey Everyone! Molly here!
A couple of weeks ago, Cristina and I traveled to the beautiful Savannah, GA for Laila and Mik's wedding. We are always a little nervous when we work with a couple that we have never met before, simply for the fact that we don't know how they will interact with each other or us for that matter. However, Mikael's sister, Vanessa (one of our Atlanta-area photog. friends) assured us that they were awesome together..and boy was she right!

Cristina and I LOVED how natural Laila and Mik were together. We didn't have to ask for them to kiss or suggest much of anything!

As storytellers, I have to say, this was one of the more hectic weddings we have shot lately, but I think it turned out beautifully! Here are our favorites!

The wedding was scheduled to take place in a park in Savannah; however, mother nature had different plans. It was decided that both the ceremony and reception were to take place at Bryson Hall in the heart of Savannah's historic district.

We decided to catch some of the details while we waited on the bride to get there for her hair and makeup appointment.

Both Laila, and the staff at Bryson Hall did a great job of collaborating with the decorations!

Laila's family got all dolled up.

Yay, Laila is here!!

Uh-oh.. Something tells me these two are ready for grandbabies!!

Mik was busy getting handsomified in the groom's room.

Almost ready...

The boys waiting for the bride to put on her finishing touches.

Laila's dad was patiently waiting to walk his daughter down the aisle.

Uh-oh violin man, you patiently waiting too?

Reaching perfection..

And it's go time!!

After the ceremony, we tagged along for a little carriage ride with the newly married couple.

I love this shot that Cristina snagged of everyone seeing them off!

The sun was beginning to set at an extremely rapid speed. It was like it knew we were coming out and wanted to play with our new friends.

They really were great together. It's nice to see a couple that is that into each other.

My fav shot is from Cristina.

If you are wondering why this one is lighter than the last, it is because she was shooting at an extremely high iso (light sensitivity) with a longer time exposure. It was, in actuality, getting pretty dark, but Laila and Mik held very still!

Time for some dancing, dinner, and time with good friends.

Heh. well. you know us and ring shots!

Little bit of boogie. Little bit of salsa.

Little bit of love.

I love how sweet Laila's parents were to each other.

I caught Mik's dad trying to steal a kiss.

And, they're off! For real this time!

Thanks for letting us hang with y'all on your big day! We hope the rest of your weekend was a little bit drier!

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