Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sam + Brian, Part 1 ::Hiawassee, GA wedding photography::

Hey everyone! Molly here..sort of. I'm laid up on the couch sick, so this will be a long drawn-out post.

So, Cristina and I trucked it to Hiawassee, GA last month with our chauffeur, Jeremy, for Sam and Brian's beautiful mountain wedding. The wedding was held at The Ridges Resort, so the bridal party and family hung out all weekend. Love destination weddings.

As always, our GPS told us to go some weird way and led us to believe that the resort was nestled behind a bush. I was thinking it was a hidden, narnia kind of magical place, but Jeremy and Cristina suggested we go the other we did. We finally got there and met with a couple of nervous groomsmen, first. Then we met with Brian, who was super nice and smiley. We left the busy bunch of boys to head to the beauty shop where Sam (who was all smiles as well) was having her hair done.

She also had her toes done.

Back in the boys' bunk, Brian had the most helpful groomsmen EVER.
Yeah, other brides..I said it.
They were super worried about Brian's bow tie..which did not want to stay straight.

Our girl was having her finishing touches put on...

Her dress was elegant and simple with a splash of detail ...
(and I don't mean the shoe dye or goose poop)

We love brides who include fun shoes!!
These shoes, however, were dyed..and dye and dewy grass don't go well together.

UMMM. gorgeous.
Cristina grabbed these shots of Sam while I was partyin' with the fellas.

Brian and Sam opted to do a first sight, since they didn't want their guests waiting too long on them at the reception. Brian was a little nervous, but hey..who isn't when they are about to see their favorite thing on earth??
Once again..he was all smiles.

Yep, they're cute. I needed a tissue.

I mean, they're just so sweet. And the mountains were the perfect backdrop for the first sight.


One of my favs.

This was the inspiration for their wedding. Both Sam and Brian are die-hard Georgia fans, because that's where they went for their undergrad!

I'm going to use the word "pimptastic" to describe this photo.
What a hot bridal party (and truck).

What's so funny guys? All of the 5 million pounds of goose poop that was EVERYWHERE?

Oh, did I mention that it was 80% chance of rain all day?

C grabbed this bad-a shot of the girls with their super cool dresses.

Oh... this is the end of Part 1 of Brian and Sam's wedding.
Check out Part 2 in a second...The formals, the ceremony, the after-party...

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