Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brooke + Matthew ::Albany, GA Wedding Photographer::

Hey Everyone! Molly here!
Hold onto your saddle/ office chair/ couch cushion, it's gonna be a loooong post. Especially if you really are sitting on a saddle.

So, Cristina and I set out to Albany to photograph the oh-so-lovely Brooke and Matt. This couple was so much fun! They were pretty much up for anything, so we took full advantage of always. The ceremony was at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Albany, GA and the reception was at the Flint Riverquarium, downtown. Here are some of our favorites. more commentary to come...

mmmm. shoes.

We love heirloom rings. <3

Brooke is such a fashionista! I loved her dress! It was so different than any other dress we have shot!

Matt and Brooke decided that they wanted to do a first sight. Which was super sweet, as always.

He totally checked her out for like 10 minutes. We love grooms who are that into their women.
You could tell he appreciated everything about her look! And who wouldn't?
She was hot.

Holy? or Sassy? or Holy Sassy!!

Thanks for gigglin' fellas!

We took them downtown for a few shots. We both couldn't help but work with these clouds! It never rained, but it threatened to!


We are having this printed on a 20" x 24" gallery wrap for the studio.. Though it may be in disarray, still, at least we will have some sexy folks staring at us.

Look at those eyes!

This is my modern American Gothic minus the pitchfork.

Ooo Love.

Then it was ceremony time! Here are some of the awesome details that she and her coordinator, Brynn put together!

C grabbed this awesome shot of the pipes!

I tried to not fall off of the loft. It was a balance of yoga and gymnastics.

Love how dad is looking at her.

Brooke's twin (also newlywed) sister, Kristl, sang a beautiful song.

Finally, marriage time!

I love how serious Matt was all day. He had this look like "I'm gonna do this right!" all day.
Here, he's saying "I do!"

Oh my goodness. Is that Smitten's J'Amber?
I was too far away to touch her...but I waved.
She also sang a beautiful song. I wish I could sing.

A kiss...

And a high-five from dad, and they're off!

Then it was reception time! The food was beautiful AND delish!

Superb details.

Everyone enjoyed looking at the blue hole at the Flint Riverquarium!

The P & W Trio was an AMAZING jazz band that played.
(And they totally matched Brooke's purple theme!)

The Flint Riverquarium was a great venue! I had never photographed a reception there before, but it is so unlike anywhere else in Albany.

And the happy couple arrives!

A first Dance...

The night was filled with fun and dancing! Everyone boogied!

The P & W Trio knocked everyone's socks off.

Aww sweet daddy-daughter moment.

Oh yeah.. and they had these creepy.. I mean...beautiful birds there!
(I have an irrational fear of birds..especially ones with red eyes!)

Bird kisses. People kisses!

Luckily, they released the bird and it did not attack me.
Brooke released hers prematurely! (Shame!)

Toasts ended the evening.

Brooke and Matt were a really great couple! I loved working with them, and I'm glad they trusted me enough to take them to a creepy old building with stray kittens and long grass in the middle of the "good" life city. We love you guys!

On a side note, to those who read the lost dog post, Mischa found her dog who was perfectly healthy aside from a missing front tooth. Everyone. together now. Breathe a sigh of relief.


Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said...

you guys rocked this shoot...! what a great bride...she's so cute...and I LOVE her dress!

amber - smitten said...

shut it up and WORK IT OUT!!!!! you guys absolutely ROCKED this wedding! and thank god i didn't look fat in that photo haha! :)

smittengreta said...

omg, NICE ladies!!!!!! beautiful!

Tammi Nowack Photography said...

Beautiful work, beautiful wedding! I love that you took them to those 2 creepy buildings downtown! LOL I went to the white house one once but there was a needle on the front stoop and (human) poo in the yard so I got skeered and ran away and never went back.

All Poo aside, you worked those clouds AND those buildings! Nice job and congrats to the couple! I'm sure they'll be thrilled.

Oh..and the bird thing? ME TOO.

Beth Morgan said...

Once again ladies...AMAZING!!!

Can we please play soon!