Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lindsay + Doug (+Riley!) ::e-session::

Hi everyone! Molly here!
A few weeks ago, Cristina and I were driving back from Sam and Brian's wedding and stopped for a play date with the Murdoch clan. Lindsay is the sister of my college room mate / one of my best friends , so I was super excited when she asked me to shoot her session and wedding! We met Lindsay, Doug, Riley, and "Nance" at Hurricane Shoals Park and it was SO hot. We really wanted to cool off in the water, like everyone else, but we forgot to bring our cut-off blue jean shorts and pool floats. Darn.

Anyway, here are mine and Cristina's shots from our playdate.

Cristina was stinging me on the head like a bee, and Riley thought we were ridiculously funny. I'm sure everyone else just thought we were ridiculous.

Riley made buzzing sounds the rest of the afternoon (hence the face in the right picture).

Ummm.. Yes, she is that cute.

While Riley was entertaining me, Cristina was getting a few shots of the love birds outside.

I'm sure we ..i mean I...said something vulgar.

Before we go, do you want this leaf?!

Ok now, I expect to get a couple of blog hits from South Korea...


timothy said...

Great job ladies, I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.

Thank you

Kimberley said...

Oh Molly and Cristina, you do it again. I love them! And of course you are going to get some blog action from South Korea, you were getting it all weekend I was so excited to see them. Great job, you are both so talented. My little Riley is the cutest!!

Love you!!


Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said...

This little girl is too too cute!

smittengreta said...

what an adorable family! these are so cute!!!