Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lost Dog Monticello, FL

Hey Everyone!
A few weeks ago we photographed Mischa and Zane's wedding in South Carolina. Mischa works at an animal clinic in Monticello and, when we photographed her, it was evident that she has a clear love for animals. She rescues and adopts pit bulls, but her favorite pit, Kaos, has gone missing. I know she and Zane are missin' him. Please help spread the word about her baby. Here is a photo and her email to us.

" For those of you who do not know, my big baby went missing Monday afternoon. We have found no sign of him, anywhere in the swamp near the house. We are scared that b/c he is such a sweet dog that someone could have picked him up. Luckily he is neutered and he may be "useless" in many ways and purposes, but he is a great pet and we desperately want him back. we hope that the wrong people have not gotten him. If you could please print out and pass around, drop it off in a place where it might be seen by the right people and forward it to those who may be able to do the same. Please pass this around to anyone you can think of near Monticello and surrounding areas, including south GA. You never know where someone would take him if he was picked up. Spreading the word is the best help. Yes, there really is a big reward for those who would need it for his return.
Thanks, Mischa
neutered male, 60lbs, 5 yrs old, blond with faint brindle stripes, light colored green/yellow eyes, white toes, chest and blaze down face, tattoo of f and b on inside left thigh."

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Kelly said...

Oh no! I drive from Wacissa to Thomasville almost daily so I will keep my eyes out. I saw a very tall dog of this color in Wacissa but I think he has a home. Could he be in this area?