Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sarah + Waylon ::Dixie Plantation::


Hey everyone! Molly here!
A few weekends ago, Cristina and I had the privilege of photographic Sarah and Waylon's ultra romantic wedding at Dixie Plantation.

::insert long romantic sigh::

Sarah was so happy on her wedding day. We love brides like her! You can just tell how completely head over heels they are for each other. Waylon was calm and cool. You would never guess that this couple had the stress of moving to another state right after the honeymoon! The day went pretty perfectly. They were surrounded by a whole lot of sweet people who LOVE to dance. Plus, Sarah and Waylon were literally up for anything.
We pretty much loved everything about this couple and this wedding. I bet you can't tell by this HUGE blog post. Bear with's worth it.
These are both Cristina's and my own edits. Enjoy!!!

The lovely Jennifer was on hand to put in Sarah's "Valerie" hair. She did an awesome job!

Sarah's mama was pretty much on top of the details. She was busy all morning making sure things were perfect for her daughter.

Singletary's did a spectacular job on the flowers, as always.

Waylon wanted to make sure his uniform was absolutely right.
And it was, with help from his buddy.

The guys who weren't in the air force wore this...

The guys who were in the air force wore this... and then Waylon received a sweet note.

I love this shot of dad watching his son read the note from his bride.

Then we got all of those handsome fellas together for some photos.

We forced them to laugh...with feathers. just kidding.

Then, we went back up to see the girls finish getting ready.

Sarah's cousin, Julie, is quite the make up artist! And Sarah has amazing eyes. No photoshop enhancement at all!

After her mom was finished putting all the details into place, she came up to see her daughter for the first time in her dress.
That's always a cute moment.

Then, the ladies came downstairs for some model time.

Sarah's brother was the man of honor. I love things like that.

Check out Cristina's editing magic.

Seriously ...she's stunning.

So, you know how we said she was up for anything? Well, Sarah's cousin told us about the old slave quarters on the plantation. We took her in this horribly gross hallway (with a sheet under her dress, of course..don't freak out moms)...and it was beautiful.

Slave quarters. Who knew they would ever be useful?

Sugar and sweeties go together nicely. How cute is this ring bearer with his robin's egg basket?

Reason # 546 why two photographers are better than one.

Saber arches ROCK! We have never had one at a wedding, but they smacked her butt with the sword as she walked by. Dangerous? maybe. Hilarious? absolutely.

And then, the two of them..for pure sticky sweetness.

Both Sarah and Waylon's families love to dance and play music. See her dad boogie while his dad literally joined the band.

Oh those moves!

The end...err. beginning.


Lindsi Jones Photography said...

These are great! What a pretty wedding!

amber - smitten said...

some of your best work yet! it's really lovely! what a beautiful location! rock on! :)

Teri Dunaway said...

Phenomenal photos! All I can say is "WOW!"

Tammi Nowack Photography said...

Fantabulous images you guys!
Love lOvE LOVE the one of the bride in the doorway - wowza.

Jessica Gilligan Wylie said...

smokin'! love those slave quarters-very very coolio!

greta, smitten said...

these are STOOPID GORGEOUS!!!!! great job!!!!!!!!

Danielle said...

Those trees and that gorgeous bride made for breathtaking photos!